Francisco Pizarro Really

Tuesday, 22. October 2019

Cute tiny animal, it knows everything. But why is it so strange to call – mumps, but in addition the sea? She comes from South America, and its emergence in Europe is obliged to the Age of Discovery. When in 1532 Spanish conquistadors led by Francisco Pizarro, invaded the territory of present Peru, the Inca Empire, they first saw these animals in the villages of Indians – Incas and ate roasted guinea pig on holidays. So in Spain, together with untold wealth they arrived – from overseas – Plump funny, looks like a miniature pigs. Maybe they originally called – 'overseas'? Maybe pigs really was called 'sea' because of their good nature and simplicity liked to take a voyage sailors. Guinea pigs know how to squeal on-pig with fright and anger and gently 'pohryukivat' when they are good, some fans of these '' are similar to their 'grunts' on the bubbling water. In addition, the fingers on their feet pigs (four front and three on the rear) are provided with claws, hoofs.

It turns out that the guinea pig is really on all articles mumps, and of course sea! And keep it at home quite comfortably. Cyrus findshadow can provide more clarity in the matter. Is not that natural pig or wild boar, which is also sometimes manage to start in the apartment. Sometimes this leads to unpredictable consequences. So, in Yekaterinburg boar, bred in 'The best traditions of' massacre carried in a studio apartment owner. The angry beast broke furniture and smashed to smithereens tv.

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