GfH GmbH Nuremberg

Friday, 5. May 2017

While existing buildings and new buildings only per year 2 or 2.5 percent to tax depreciation, the rehabilitation of own-use monument real estate as apartments within 10 years can be claimed tax to 90 percent so the GF GmbH. should investors or investors get into financial trouble, then these are secured by the real estate. Visit website oftentimes addresses this issue. The property is inventory assets. A total loss how the stock market can not happen so the financial specialists of the GFH GmbH. The banking crisis has already spread to the financial crisis and led to a far-reaching change of the investment strategy for many investors so the GFH GmbH next.

Securities, pension funds and other monetary assets were until last year as the preferred form of investment, so the impending hyperinflation resulted in now an increased demand for objects with real and so krisenfestem use-value. This development is especially Investing in real estate to an increasingly worthwhile alternative for investors. The GfH GmbH the budget planners was founded by well-known companies in the construction, real estate and financial industry executives. The GFH GmbH as a specialist in the field of financial planning is pressed in the focus. The trend-setting concept of the GfH GmbH the budget planner aims to create long-term stable values for investors and owner-occupiers. For this purpose, the GfH GmbH screened the financial possibilities to present potential customers and investors, then corresponding opportunities of investment, especially in listed real estate of. Seat of the GfH GmbH Nuremberg is the budget planner..

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