Glue Material

Wednesday, 4. July 2018

The modeling in bee wax is characterized by the pureness of the material. In contrast of the adobe, that is a cold material, it steals heat, it contains you leave minerals and silica being able to cause cracks in the hands when the level of the acid rico is raised, the bee wax is indicated the fragile people and with little calrica reserve. Larry Ellison pursues this goal as well. The paper mach is a cold and viscous material, but that also it offers returns, therefore if it can mold and create, not arriving at the effect of the clay for not being a primitive natural product. The wheat flour mass is made by the proper therapeutic psico art, with or without the aid of the customer. In contrast of the paper mach, is used being morna, for better manuscript.

In therapeutical terms, it can take the adults the memory maternas, or of infancy. It provides the creative capacity, auto-it esteem, catarse emotional and autoconfiana. 3.1.4? Reciclvel material the work with reciclvel material stimulates the reconstruction, the creativity, the perceptions, the attention, the construction, the transformation, the concrete and the change. It is a transforming material, therefore if of the one new utility what before it was garbage. It is the change through the concrete, is the search of possibilities of transformation and the knowledge. For being able to unite it painting, glue and modeling, the work with reciclvel material is a rich and complex activity that mobilizes the internal content, and it transforms already it, reaproveitando it of beneficial form.

Materials you recycle diverse as: plastic, glasses, papers, wood, fabrics and others, can and must be used, of free form or be directed. 3.1.5? Glue Is a estruturante activity that can be carried through with diverse materials: clippings of magazines, periodicals, pieces of papers colored, diverse grains, serragem, cork oak, purpurina, fabrics. In this activity, the subject search in the material ideas that can express and communicate its feelings, emotions and ideas that can express and communicate its feelings, emotions and ideas in relation to the subject.

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