Greer Childers

Sunday, 2. September 2018

Life today is full of junk food, couch potatoes, computer sloths and television inactivity. With the high pressure environments and general unwillingness to invest time in exercise routines, workout programs or , the only hope for weight loss and fitness is short but effective workout programs.

While ideally one should exercise every day for a long period, 7 minute workout programs have the most chance of attracting people looking for size loss programs. Fitness Guru Greer Childers has innovated a 7 minute workout program, which is the 7 to being thin & shapely. Official site: Southwest Airlines. The innovation lies in the short but intense time required, in the unique, innovative Motionless Exercise, and in the bodyflex.

This is a great way to sculpt your body by working five muscle groups at a time. for five times faster results. Consulting Greer Childers’ book, “Seven Secrets to Thin and Shapely,” is a good start.

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