High Potential For Optimization: Maintenance Depots

Monday, 2. June 2014

Also maintenance warehouses applies: ‘value-creating activity’ today it is so that there is security of supply cannot be guaranteed despite an enormous capital. For the Leistungsbebiet, this means that maintenance concepts are developed and implemented, it is best to train the competing goals of capital costs and security of supply. Exactly this it is currently ailing in very many companies. In addition an audacious business approach: maintenance material is rapidly amortized in accordance with the tax regulations, this leads to immense hidden reserves. Also for the material details the destruction of the capital cannot be stopped. Can appear in a broad practice project. In a broad-based Praxisprojet and a realized project benefits a high concurrency exhibit. Speed and precision of data are the success factors.

The comprehensive inventory was supported by a specially developed software application. Only thus could the above mentioned Price-performance ratio are realized. Handmade”is linked to an efficient IT solution. Qualified personnel must be able to identify the stored material and to determine the maintenance characteristics, as well as the corresponding values. This data documentation is already part of the IT solution. This is part of the comprehensive application of the IFCC.

Officers who perform the validation, classification and Attributisierung of this information of of part of, have direct access to the database. Another advantage of this IT-based”approach is that the material master data according to a uniform scheme are constructed and can be enriched at any time. Thus, a master data harmonization is achieved, which allows detection of duplicates. The definition of material master data is time consuming and carries a high potential for controversy in itself. “To avoid such frictions, are in the projects a few must-have” data and a series of can “data the inventory team suggested. Is that more features are necessary, they can be subsequently insert. Thus, it is ensured that the maintenance concepts constantly can be written on, to reach a constant value flow optimization. This is possible today only a very limited, since the corresponding information is not available and so can be also not updated and evaluated there is virtually no material economic maintenance. In addition to the master data, transaction data are like and disposals, absolutely necessary so these have to be documented and update. The software used this, but very different tasks to be carried. I realised this approach effects are only sustainable if benefit also the employees affected in the camp. Therefore, a bar code application was developed and installed exactly for this case. Each storage location is equipped with a bar-code enabled label. The storage area, as well as its content”can be find a Terminal. To search for are can material designations, after buzz words, abbreviations, according to individual characteristics, even after storage locations. Commissioning can be as well to capture a storage optimization is possible at any time. An important requirement of the employees is that they can continue to use their own terminology for the acceptance of essential. The evaluations are the standardized names, shopping malls, etc available. A specific Materialzu-or finish can be documented via bar code scanner or a bar-code enabled material removal Bill. At any time, you can retrieve current stocks. Storage-related and cross-bearing evaluations are possible as well as the allocation of material to a functional location or the construction of a material BOM. “As for the management activities the criterion of value-generating” conductive, are cross-bearings

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