I Finally Have WEBSITE

Saturday, 15. June 2019

Hi all, I’m antiquities for sale very happy for several days because I finally have a antiquities dealers web page finally starts to see the light. This is: www.germanpaez.es I invite you to see it, am very excited, and occasionally add new sections, photos and writings. Remarkably, it has so many possibilities for change, remove, put, to improve, to reconfigure all or some parts, that is (at least for me) an exciting world, yet a bit overwhelming for the possibilities offering almost endless. We add a couple of short videos that I made long ago and circulate for the first time these walls attract me terribly reminiscent of Serra’s sculptures, but made with cheap materials. a collection of Greek, Roman, Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Central European, Byzantine and Islamic can be considered a unique institution in the rich panorama of Cultural Heritage I want to post on my website a selection of videos in which I reflect on the landscape: Egyptian antiquities Most of these ideas or call them first drafts, because they are visual reflections antiquities auction that have not antiquities been edited or worked in more depth. Another set-less-of them have been displayed in showrooms, which he considered already completed: are the actions on illegal dumping. But most of the videos that I have are first ideas that I hope to work with more depth.

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