Inhabited Island

Monday, 4. August 2014

Battle who is willing and able to improve the modern cinema and those who are hoping for good fortune sends your boring text to all the famous film studios. At the same filters in the form scenario there are no agencies, editors at the studios are already sick, amateurs continue to pound on the keyboard, and Russian cinema rotten to the sounds of swearing on a daily basis coming from the doors of cinemas, when spectators will not even was serving until mid-film. What then is the fundamental difference between professional writers from the dilettantes? Differences may be somewhat, but in the first place will always be important – the film should be interesting. And as the film begins with a script, something interesting must be the script itself. But what makes the scenario interesting? That creates a buzz about the film and causes us to recommend the film to friends? Of course – exciting story, skillfully told the audience. Special effects, vivid characters and the actors – a color that should be painted history. After all, even the most well-known actor would never make a movie interesting, if the script short-sighted and weak. Professionalism writer first and foremost is the ability to create interesting stories, the ability to consistently and clearly tell these stories to the viewer’s attention on the film was kept from the first until the last second.

After all, the audience needed an interesting movie. Millions invested in the project money will not guarantee that audiences will crowd the box office and cinema score until the last seat. And even then, that the film is based on the known book – not one hundred percent guarantee of success. Example – have failed miserably at the box office movies, which is based on the popular and exciting book “Battlefield – The Earth” and “Inhabited Island”. In both films, the set of these books, there is one feature – the story is told the audience understand and crumpled.

Of course, the priority of interesting stories to the other components of a successful scenario, you can argue, and someone may even try to prove that it is not. But it is “the ability to create interesting stories” runs through a huge number of textbooks on the screenplay, written over the past decade. Battle Professionals and amateurs will continue for a long time. Fragments of shells fired from guns of amateurs, will be a long time to punch large holes in the pockets of producers. But in order to make this battle was not at least a painful for our film industry, you need to finally understand one thing: the national cinema will save no special effects and not the vast budgets and wonderful scenarios based on the fascinating history. And just then, when it finally will realize the leaders of our film industry – our native domestic film will quickly gain popularity around the world.

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