King Solomon

Thursday, 2. May 2019

Also I install in my truck and my daughter said to me: what you won? That man could have hit us and you leave me here alone without knowing what to do. For even more opinions, read materials from Larry Ellison. I realized that this man came with other problems and he emptied them with my car and me, I promised my daughter that it would not happen again. It is a very common situation, we see it in banks, offices, markets, and can that in our own homes, people arriving and unloading with employees or customers and as garbage trucks flip its content over others. One should try not get caught so that they were to dump its trash elsewhere. Don’t allow others to overturn their trash about you and you also do it with others. The anger and rage are feelings that take up space of our being and makes us capable of committing many nonsense, ranging from download us with someone to physically assaulting others.

Rav Israel Salanter, said that anger was a spiritual poison. King Solomon advised that they do not associate with a man of bad character and not approaching a prisoner man of wrath (Prov. 22-24-25). Anger is also contagious to join with a wrathful person someone else may also adopt its nature. (Hirsch, included pag.193). While a provocative comment can turn anger on one person, even the most intense fury can calm down with a kind word.

A gentle answer away the cholera, but a disturbing Word inflames anger (Proverbs 15: 1), return to a bad word with something funny act as water spilled in a flame, attenuating it or even extinguishing it that rage. Once my mom was driving and as a grown-up thing toward slow, a young hurried man repeatedly played the cornet, so my mother made side to happen, young step and I stood next to the truck of my mother and I scream! old tapeworms that be!, to what my mother said to him: by handling as well carefully to reach old. The distressed young, requested apology to my mom and smiling asked her to continue before the. While there are times that we are overburdened, worried, stressed, must seek to channel it is type of energy, process it in a positive way, avoid confrontations or discussions until we are more calmed, trying to make closure of situations, discarding what does not work, go calming us listening to music, reading something, praying, meditating, doing some kind of physical activity to channel and dispose of that anger that somehow we overload without any benefit, or physical, or mental. In the Sefer Jareidim (Teshuvah, chap.4) expresses that the soul is a fragment of Di-os that cannot tolerate the anger. When a person succumbs to the uncontrolled fury, his soul leaves him in a sense, leaving after Yes a vacuum which is filled of more anger, frustration, anger, aggression and later of guilt. Do not leave empty spaces in that divine soul whose real nature is the connect with its own essence, so, go achieving with mutual support and without anger, or envy, or rabies, creating an energy and an atmosphere that achieve a universal harmony and make this world a Royal purple (home) for Di-os. Nelly Kaufman of Klein original author and source of the article.

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