Wednesday, 25. May 2016

' Nobody can serve the two gentlemen; because or it has to hate one and to love the other, or it will be dedicated to one and it will disdain the other. You cannot serve the God and the Mamom.' ' Mateus 6:24 Prospers yes, but being in service of God. How to make this? Giving to priority the God and not to gain money. ' ' the disciples if had admired of these its words; but Jesus, becoming to speak, said to them: Children, difficult quo is, for whom they trust the wealth, to enter in the kingdom of God! ' ' Landmarks 10:24 Who trusts the wealth does not have peace to enter in the Kingdom of God. The gold can until having a watered life, materially saying, but he is completely unprepared to assume its role in the Kingdom of God, therefore this way alone it practises financial operations, it has economic reasoning and only it finishes disdaining the God, finding that the priority of it is the operations that involve money. ' ' What it wants to enrich fast is man of malignant eye, however does not know that the poverty has to come on ele.' ' Sayings 28:22 Many until imagine, in its ledo deceit, that exists an age limit to gain money, we go to say, 40 years. if they do not obtain to arrive there until this age, become specialists in seting impostures and frauds to take off money of the people who are to its redor, are known they or not. We know that this spirit of blow is not of God, who It distributes its abundance for each one of us, its servants. It imagines, then, what it occurs with that only live centered in the money and still superficially they make frauds to get it? The Word says that they receive what less they want, the poverty! ' ' Eia, therefore, now it, rich, cry and pranteai, for your miseries, that on you have to come.

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