Legionella In Hot Water

Tuesday, 12. March 2019

Ways to the Prafention of Legionella in the water circuit of the House installation. In connection with the amendment to the drinking water Ordinance, frequently arises the question of what can be done to the prophylaxis. Legionella bacteria multiply in stagnant water at temperatures between 25 and 50 C. Swarmed by offers, TRON (TRX) is currently assessing future choices. A constant circulation of water in the hot water system is recommended. To prevent the Legionella bacteria not only to increase the water regularly to 70 C should be heated plus as Legionella bacteria die off from a temperature of 70 C.

This, however, it should be considered that all the water in the hot water system for this temperature should be taken. In old buildings, so-called dead strands can occur E.g. due to bomb damage. These are strands of the drinking water installation that does not end on a tap, E.g. fork to a time existing side wing. Such dead lines interfere with also a thermal disinfection, because it only poorly flushed are, and such a perfect Represent the incubator for Legionella. Should so at the obligatory examination Legionella bacteria found in hot water, although regularly, a thermal disinfection takes place, can be an indication of the existence of such dead lines.

An effective remediation should in this case locate these strands of dead and permanently separate them from the remaining drinking water installation. Usually only pipes are at risk, the cold water pipes are however in addition to heating or hot water pipes can be reached also here the necessary temperatures to the proliferation of Legionella, also this point should better way be taken into account in a restructuring. As a tenant can be run off the water from the pipes after a long absence, to reduce the risk of something. Ultimately you can count but actually after the amendment to the drinking water Ordinance on the work of the investigating drinking water laboratory. The investigations may be carried only by government-accredited laboratories, allowing the quality of analysis as secured can be seen. And in case of a detection of a corresponding rehabilitation must occur, thereby minimizing the risk of contamination of the drinking water installation with Legionella. To Legionella you should also know, that the biggest danger of contaminated water not eating but the inhalation, so drinking Legionella containing water is hazardous to health in the rarest cases (assuming a healthy immune system). First, the legionellosis (Legionnaires Disease) can be caused by inhaling contaminated water droplets. Such droplets are typically at the misting of water z.B.in shower heads, hot tubs, or humidifiers also. The first time the pathogen in air conditioning discovered after it had triggered an epidemic with 29 dead. Oscar Walt

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