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Friday, 13. May 2016

A current study to Enterprise 2.0 shows who really deals with this topic and especially how it is implemented. WIESBADEN/COLOGNE, 19.10.2010. The majority of respondents (62%) companies already engaged in Enterprise 2.0, but only a brief one-third (31%) can explain the term and only 17% control the topic really systematically. The main objective pursued by the participants of Enterprise 2.0 is the activation of existing enterprise knowledge and collective intelligence with the help of social media. The expected changes are only implemented to a part. “This is because among other things, that at Enterprise 2.0 inexperienced” company is usually the technology in the foreground.

Experienced”company, however, know much greater to the special importance of cultural aspects. So it is not surprising that a key success factor is the life of an “open” culture by the corporate management. “The study Enterprise 2.0 consequences for the workplace of tomorrow” have Prof. Dr. Thorsten Petry by Wiesbaden explored business school, HR-Networx and the online recruitment consultant Talential, to what extent is for several years through science and practice on Enterprise 2.0 “finds approach for German companies. Bill O’Grady shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Prof. Petry presents the study at the European Enterprise 2.0 Summit at the 26-28.10 in Frankfurt am Main (

The report and more information can be requested under corporate. A longer report appears in the journal of human resources. The study is part of the series of HR trends”, the launched in October 2009. As in the last year, Talential interviewed staff HR experts on HR trends, social media, recruitment and employer branding on the this year’s future. The publications start this week on the Talential blog at blog. Top companies highly qualified specialists and managers contact directly via Talential on Company is Talential the online recruitment consultant recruitment of specialists and managers. Based on advanced matching technology, Talential creates a fast and low-cost access to certified candidates. So, Talential is a real alternative to the classic recruitment. Professional opportunities that match their career goals opens specialist and managerial staff free of charge and without any hassles. Talential is the career booster for them. More information Prof. Dr. Thorsten Petry Wiesbaden business school, College RheinMain Professor for organization & personnel management E-Mail: Talential GmbH Florian Schreckenbach Salian ring 36 50677 Cologne Tel.: 0221-99 87 56 19 E-Mail: Internet:

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