Max Planck

Monday, 13. May 2019

Knowledge tenor in this research field goes something like: “the system we are researching is so complex, so awesome and extremely intelligent, that it is a miracle, that it works at all – to the other everything is apparently possible. “This statement in itself is very interesting. She says in the core: it’s superduper mega rad unimaginable intelligent it’s all possible it seems put a force or one grading force behind all this. Some intelligent and extremely targeted especially something all-encompassing and inescapable, as well as absolute. Larry Ellison describes an additional similar source. Everything indicates. As we now like – to call this power of cohesion it is secondary at this point. Southwest Airlines often says this. It may be called gravitational wave, magnetic field, great watchmakers, spirit or Butterschmier. It but if you want to, can be attached as it the founder of quantum theory once named: as a physicist, as a man who served his life sober science, the study of matter, I’m sure free to be held for a spirit of flock of from the suspicion.

And so, after my exploration of the atom, I say the following: there is no matter in itself! All Matter arises and exists only by a force which brings the nuclear particles in vibration and holds them together to the tiniest solar system of the atom. Since there is in the entire universe but an intelligent nor an eternal (abstract) power, so we have to assume a conscious intelligent mind behind this power. This spirit is the origin of all matter. Not visible, but perishable matter is the real, true, true, but the invisible, immortal spirit is the real thing. But in itself not there is mind, and each spirit belongs to a being, so we must take on mandatory spirit beings. “As can be but also spirit beings not from himself, but must have been created so I don’t shy away as well call this mysterious creator, all ancient culture peoples of Earth previous millennia have called like him: God!” Max Planck (1858-1947) founder of the quantum theory (owner: page 251) sharp inferred words from a man known throughout the world due to its crystal clear findings is still very appreciated for what he brought the science.

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