Microsoft Outlook

Sunday, 27. November 2011

Simply put, gave the reader a story in which he is the hero and always with a happy ending. The best text to an advertisement in finished his fascinating story with a beginning, middle and end. Remember: the worst thing in advertising – it's to catch up on the reader's boredom. Make a competent design. Have you ever marveled at the fact that the most profitable companies in the world spend huge money on top-notch graphic design? I'll tell you why – such a design necessarily pay off. Yes, it is not easy to sculpt out a nice HTML-page text.

But almost all e-mail advertising can and should combine the elements of high-quality graphic design. Report something new. Creative, which contains the famously twisted, but nothing new to offer promising indeed tragic. Very often, the best deals in varying degrees, reported any news and what's even better complemented by educational information. Also offer valuable bonus is logically associated to the chosen idea in advertising.

For example, a sales letter offered readers to buy a metaphorical monkey, demonstrating the nature of the individual. The letter also stated that each ordered a monkey, will receive a free ticket to the movie 'King Kong'. Advertising started shortly before Primiero movie and brought excellent results. Use multimedia. Why put a letter in statistical graphics and text, if your potential customers have a broadband connection Internet? Of course, programs like Microsoft Outlook is not very fond of multimedia. But when your recipients will pay attention to your letter, why not get them interested in an exciting video clips or at least audio-splash deklamiruemoy, say, a lovely female voice. Forget the excuses. Do not make statements like: "We are a conservative company" or "Our buyers are serious people 'or' Our e-newsletter to be economically profitable, so we are not able to pay more and the photographer. " This is not a reason to hold the boring, banal, soulless advertising. Advertising, which spent less than they should, ultimately waiting for failure. Approach where the first vlazhivaesh full, at least, will not require additional investments in the future. Engage your Internet resources. Today's e-mail advertisers have excellent opportunities to conduct integrated campaign in ways that few years ago it was hard to imagine. Today, your email may have a link that leads to the order page, a short film or your website. The only limitation – it is your imagination.

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