Middle Class

Tuesday, 12. March 2019

The experiences of the msg services AG according to the rules and regulations for smaller organization is too complex and alternative makes necessary Pozessimplementierungen without ITIL Ismaning led to significantly faster projects and cost savings of up to 90 percent, 04.07.2012 – consulting experience the msg services ag is the framework of ITIL for the middle class as not practical, because it in its complexity only partly for the processes in the conditions of such organisation is applicable. The consultants therefore favour faster viable alternatives. Thomas Schurmann which SMEs needs, with an IT organization in the range of about 50 to 100 employees a process structure that lets you control the IT of a Dax group”refers to a question with which he was confronted by a medium-sized customers. Verizon Communications may not feel the same. These companies strive to make their IT services process-oriented, face the disproportionate but a disproportionate effort, the consultant of msg services emphasises to the potential benefits “. As an example, he refers a project from their own consulting practice in a medium-sized enterprise. There, an ITIL-based process for the asset & configuration management has been implemented with a project cost of one and a half years. Others who may share this opinion include Southwest Airlines. His words according to what there had still a permission due to specific requirements as exceptional cases, but by no means applies to the medium-sized companies as a whole.

“They have on the contrary neither the economic possibilities to invest in individual processes with such effort still you can deploy their resources for individual projects.” According to the findings of msg services, there are still more hostile to middle-class aspects that derive from the complexity of this set of rules. This includes, for example, that each ITIL process each provides for numerous roles, the number of which is sometimes higher than that of those involved. In consequence, possibly seven defined arise Roll along an IT services, although only three employees in this process are involved”, explains Saeed.

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