Friday, 30. November 2012

Representatives of marinas and nautical clubs of the island prefer to extend the offer of moorings in existing facilities rather than build new marine in Ibiza. Only the President of the Association of sport nautical facilities of Balearic Islands (Mallard) and Director of port Marina Botafoch, Cristina Mari, disagrees with the opinion of their peers and directly advocates the need to build new marinas. The Grup d Naturalesa Estudis (gene), Amics de la Terra and the Comisiones Obreras trade union also spoke against the construction of new ports, as explained by the President of the Consell, Vicent Serra, after the meeting which convened yesterday with the nautical and tourism sector representatives, employers, unions and environmentalists to try to seek consensus on the construction of marinas and golf courses. Trade unions UGT and use claimed to be in favour of the construction of new ports. After the breakdown of the negotiation of the Pact by the territory with the Coalition PSOE-Pacte per Evissa just over one month ago, the President of the Consell has opened the debate on the golf courses and marinas with groups linked with the tourist and nautical activity. And it won’t be the last meeting, according to Serra.

His idea is to move the discussion to the rest of society through the Consell of the territory. Representatives of marinas and nautical clubs, except Marina Botafoch, prefer to have a sectoral plan that analyzes the actual demand for moorings of the island and considered priority expand existing ports to meet the demand peaks of the tourist season, produced just one month a year, without the need to inject more cement on the coast. Some recalled that during the rest of the year there are many empty moorings and pointed out the possibility that specific enlargements are made only for the summer. They also asked that prior to authorizing a port scan your location and impact.

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