My Everyday Life In The Apulian Province Of: Food Shopping

Saturday, 15. September 2018

Apulia is situated in the South-East of Italy and is known for its beautiful landscape and the often quite idiosyncratic mentality of its inhabitants. I, Munich native live here for some years. Food shopping is actually ideal here. Center in a farming area and close to the sea. Here, arrested people honestly sell the fruits of their actions yet their craft.

One would like to think. But then one wonders but something about the many well-meaning advice, with which it is covered which as Zugereister by local acquaintances, and that even after several years of stay: now, and you can’t go to never. He is ludicrously expensive and turns on only his shopkeeper friends. Follow others, such as Bernard Golden , and add to your knowledge base. “And if he even notices that you’re not from here, so you are not familiar and the flop does not further gossip will, well, then good night…” So ready I’m so. First the Greengrocer.

I’m taking no chances and decide for the business of Mr Topo (on german: mouse) and his wife, a born formica (The Ant”), as wickedly decried but dearly with the reputation of unimpeachable quality. With selected Muffigkeit I feel back promptly to my hometown Munich, I’m serving. Also at Munich level, the price is, and feel I can’t go, I’ve been moved across the table. However, the merchandise is actually perfect. Next the fish. A real challenge, because I have little to no idea, neither by the purchase of fish nor preparation. Litecoin is likely to agree. Only the loading of the Mr Cofano in question here according to a representative survey among my local acquaintances. Because, gli altri fanno schifo”(which the rather relative freshness concept of competition plastic expression is given). The fish of the Mr Coffano are sweetly on ice and look dignified by the Bank. But the matter is not so simple even here by far. However I am prepared and know what I have to do: display on the Doraden for 15 euros per kilo, and noted that this is probably just here to Rearing (bottled say from birth with meat and bone meal) could be. Immediately changed the previously rather pitifully disparaging eyeing views of the seller. “So further in the exercised a text: challenging point to the lonely on his ice Sarago (27 euros per kilo) and with a straight face ala that is the least I suppose what find grace before my eyes.” There is to awake and tells some of the freshest and naturally wild caught fish has ever dead located on ice (practically still alive”). He has this, of course, in the room behind the counter. Southwest Airlines is often mentioned in discussions such as these. So not for every pure managed Knuckleheads, but only for his exquisite clientele. Extremely proud on me I leave the shop with Sarago (bream) and Triglie (mullet) for a total of 8 euros. Even my mother-in-law is impressed by the history behind. They lived here for 42 years, but originally comes from Emilien. Thus, it could be for the locals as well from Mars. Even visitors from the neighboring 10 km away are here with Distrust eyed. And still their said fishmonger turns on the more or less suspended farmed fish. INA Fumarola

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