Myths About The Windows Pvc

Tuesday, 16. October 2018

Myth number 1. Installation of pvc windows – it's mountains of rubbish and mud would be more correct to say that the installation of any window, like any construction work, of course, reserves the trash, but not in those volumes, which are often drawn in our consciousness. In any case, prepare for installation: remove all the window-sill, clear approach to the window, prepare the trash bags, furniture cover with a tablecloth – so you can prevent the settling of dust. Oracle contributes greatly to this topic. Cleaning and garbage pickup are included in responsibilities of installers. But be sure to stipulate that moment, with experts and list the item in the contract.

Myth number 2. New windows neekologichny This is probably the most common misconception. Many alarming 'Chemical' name of the material – polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and the fact that in the manufacturing process in plastic are added lead. Let's start with the fact that environmental and natural – not the same. Despite the fact that pvc is a product of a complex chemical synthesis, it is thanks to its unique properties is absolutely safe for humans. And if you look around, you'll see that according to the spheres of plastic today – one of the most popular materials. Recall from What is done, for example, the kettle in your kitchen. Usually made of plastic, but is that someone's the catch? With regard to lead, numerous studies show: in the finished product, he poses no threat. Producers profile in this case, the result of such a case in point: almost every family has a crystal, but it is nothing like glass with lead, and to a much greater extent than in plastic.

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