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Wednesday, 24. August 2016

treasury of the advertising industry. Place your ad can also be different. Today, customers are selective, obsessive and stupid advertising called spam, and immediately sent to the trash. To do so, whether the creators have tried? InfoBox – a new word in the supply information to the consumer. This small structure, consisting of 24 cells, mounted on a wall or a metal rack.

Each cell in the "live" business cards of different companies. These displays can be placed in any areas with large concentrations of potential customers – in cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, business centers, hotels, car, train stations, fitness centers, airports, clinics, cinemas, shopping malls and so on. Any Everybody can take a business card, one that he is interested. Advertisers are invited to make them not only informative, and motivating, with a coupon code, with suggestions of some stocks. For advertisers this type of advertising neobremenitelen as rent cell in the month rather modest – from 20 dollars, but the effect is stunning. Once she was engaged in this kind of advertising, and track conversions calls and purchases from these business cards.

For client is comfortable – no one he does not impose anything, he is free to choose the right product to him. For many potential buyers is an exciting experience – colored cards attract attention, but if they give some benefit, the likelihood that a company advertised quite high. For the businessman, the owner of such displays – multiple benefits. Cells can take the same or different clients each month.

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