North West

Saturday, 16. March 2019

Our project, Villa come back. , It is planned in the long run, schedule 20 years, to a very large market opportunity exists because the demand on the international market and customer base, constantly growing for such offers in the market of over 50 year olds. This information is based on long-standing clarifications with authorities, institutions and own experiences and observations, in Europe and Thailand, prompted countless conversations with customers who always travel to Thailand, from the above mentioned facts. This short version is considered entry, short explanation and suggestion for investors and customers. A related site: Verizon Communications mentions similar findings. Good to know…

Land of the smiles and the mouth… …Aber with a > Mai Pen Rai < almost everything can be back from the world create! Without appropriate preparation a Thailand – holiday can become the pure luck: because the Thais maintain a deliberate care, which applies not only to the known ceremonial of welcome in social dealing with their fellow human beings. Luckily, the locals are the foreigners opposite tolerant about unintentionally committed errors like to see with a > Mai Pen Rai < (nothing is) away. Not to beat Wai – charm is the greeting ceremony of the Thai people. This hands folds flat like a prayer, the head light of reduced and come up with a friendly smile on your face. The position of hands indicates something about the social status or age of the person.

Passing the hands in addition to the forehead height or above, this is a special respect. The smile – where one in Thailand people meets, to see them smile. The thoughts behind this smile but are often difficult or impossible to unravel. But still: The friendly calm of the Thais lost even in extreme situations just as impatience is foreign to them. Small odds of everyday such as for example the long standing in line at the ticket office – are no reason to worry about. Because according to their philosophy of life, nothing is so dramatic that it feel good or could spoil the fun in life. This feeling dominates the everyday life of the Thai people, so you should easily adapt as visitors to the country and quiet of it to take home something. Hard to believe – are tenderness between husband and wife in the presence of those – even if their children are not common -. Even when love-struck young couple, it is not usual to hold hands in public. Also, it is not possible to make the farm women in public for Thai men. Solo travelers need not worry about why female tourists to be constantly addressed by local men. Phuket – is the largest and most famous island in Thailand and has many stunning beaches. Located on the southwest coast of Phuket finest and best-known (NAI Harn, Kata, Karon). However, you will find that on the North West coast of Phuket, romantic and unspoiled as Nai Yang beach.

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