Office Partitions

Sunday, 29. May 2011

Every country has its own characteristics in the design of office interiors, especially pronounced in countries with an individual design development. What kind of work, and such clearance. Much depends on the country, for example, United States, designers stick to the minimalist in their design are no decorative details. The most commonly used materials include glass and chromed metal. It was in America was invented a unique concept of providing for the use of open spaces in 1930. On a large office area walls are absent, the staff is divided between a small paneled walls. Because of this we can be considered the progenitor of the United States of office partitions.

With the advent of partition, there was also an industry they are made. It should be noted that in the European style is more democratic than American. Interesting fact: in the Scandinavian countries like to use natural materials are light and soothing tones. Ease, grace, elegance is the basic quality of Italian style, where in most cases use metal and glass. Flexibility of office partitions.

Image of office partitions the interior of your office speaks volumes to your customers, partners and guests, creating a certain image of your company. Office Partitions developed based on the best European designs and marked international awards for design. Practicality office partitions mounted countertops, made specifically for each particular configuration of office partitions and various combinations of elements of the partitions make it possible to place a limited area of the maximum number of full employment with multistoried working surfaces.

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