Wednesday, 13. July 2016

THE VISIT OF AN OLD PERSONAGE. Today I received the visit from an old personage. It has times that it was with will to keep a contact, but walked a little worried, therefore the gamma of events that we lived already was considered, therefore in them we find some times and we never obtained to keep a more consistent and drawn out dialogue. Interesting that its visit if gave in full dawn. It was with a mysterious air.

Mysterious? Or who knows tired? When not sad. then? For where it has walked? It was with homesicknesses of you. I walked for there, with many tasks, commitments and meetings of service. Now I accumulate two directions, the responsibility is bigger and the collections idem. But it counts to me, when in them we know you was with 17 or 18 years.

Yes. He was with 18 years, finishing my studies, to try a university course. was there that my life initiated in fact. What do you mean? Until then it had not lived? He is not perspicacious. Logical that I lived. But not in and of the so intense form as from now on. Now I remember that in one of its visits, you counted to me of a young with which it was initiating a relationship. Relationship, not. We were in knowing, a form of friendship and curiosity, as much of one as of another one. Interesting. Therefore it is we were to the few in giving the right of knowing in them. Habits, gostos, trends, crazes at last, what it was normal between young. Yes and later? Good people started to namorar. Namorar or to be? At that time it did not have this business. Therefore then. Ours namoro continued of an unknown form. Without sex? Calm, mine. It does not say me that never he rolled something more It did not roll nothing.

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