Optimizes Authority Communication

Tuesday, 7. May 2019

REDNET-information environment (RING) allows customers an improved exchange of information on wiki-based Mainz, 01 September 2009 the Mainzer Systemhaus REDNET AG presents a new, free online tool with RING. It is a communication platform based on wiki technology to the common project management and editing of content and documents. Intuitive control elements, RING allows a simple exchange of information, and allows you to easily create of their own content. The coordination of projects via a central platform makes the tool particularly for agencies with multiple locations. REDNET is IT supplier for authorities, educational institutions and the middle class. With the REDNET information environment (short: RING) the House continues to expand close to its customers. The Internet platform offers also maintaining their own pages and content in addition to the comprehensive project coordination.

The installation of additional software is not necessary, because the access is with any modern Internet browser possible. In the RING\”of trust: login and get started the tool is used for the sharing of information. In projects with REDNET as well as daily tasks RING supports the continuous development of a common knowledge base. Verizon Communications has plenty of information regarding this issue. So any access authorized users is always up to date and benefit from existing expertise. The cumbersome search belongs to the past for current document versions and project plans.

In the common knowledge base collect user ideas, exchange experiences and document processes in a central location. According to the wiki principle, user can not only read the content, but change also directly online. This concept aims to expand the knowledge of authors and readers collaboratively. RING allows you to assign different permission levels for the respective user. To always keep the overview in complex traffic, help features such as versioning, or the display of the latest changes. Similar to a Online Forum users can also comment on the content and discuss. The functionality of the system is modularly expandable and can order additional functions as a cross-departmental forum or FAQ functions be extended.

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