Professor Layton

Sunday, 23. June 2019

Puzzle fun Nintendo showed twice for the whole family with the adventures of Professor Layton that console games can entertain the whole family. The third part of the successful series again offers fun for all ages. The consumer portal has tested the game. In the third part of the successful game for the Nintendo DS, Professor Layton must travel with his assistant in the London of the future. In the framework of the investigations, numerous puzzles are back to solve. “This a good balance once again managed the game creators in terms of difficulty, because the unwound future” includes simpler puzzles for beginner or very young players real head nuts, which represent a challenge for puzzle professionals.

The fun of the game fails that are a mystery partout not resolve, there is help. Also, three mini-games are integrated, so that can get a bit of variety of players between the puzzles. You are embedded Puzzles in an exciting part of history with many small sections. Both the graphical and the musical translation of the game are managed and complete the game. However, the player during the course of the game need to read pretty much text, because there is typically no language issue. Only in key scenes, the protagonists have a voice. More information: service/press / GmbH Lisa Neumann

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