Radiators, Convectors

Monday, 30. October 2017

In stock company 'Promtehkompleks' you will find a wide spectrum of building, heating, ventilation equipment. Our company is official dealer of "SanTechProm" issuing plumbing products. By working together with the Moscow Research and Design Institute of typology, the experimental design (MNIITEP), Institute of Plumbing and by "Danfoss", as well as equipment manufacturing modern high-technological lines (WEMO Holland, TEBOVA-MGP Italy, and others) managed to plant as soon as possible to start manufacturing high quality products meeting international standards. Radiators used for heating residential, warehouses and other facilities. When you install the radiator should remember some rules: bimetal and sectional radiators' SanTechProm BM are intended for use in twin and one-pipe systems, various buildings.

Radiators can be applied as a pump or elevator, as well as in gravitational heating and other important factors. Convectors, and radiators as represent a heater for homes by natural convection. 90% of the heat transfer coil power by heating air passing through it, ie, convection, and only 10% of the radiation in the environment. In Electric heaters up evenly distribute heat in a heated room, providing thermal comfort. Electric convectors are designed for continuous operation without supervision when properly mounted and exploitation. Resistance to climatic influences electric heaters meet climatic design UHL categories of accommodation to GOST 15150-69.

Electric convectors are designed for use in temperate areas with non-explosive environment at an ambient temperature of 1 degree Celsius to 40 degrees. Distinctive features of convectors 'SanTechProm' not technically able to warm up to a dangerous temperature, the absence of extraneous noise during operation, easy installation and setup. Convectors are mobile enough of this company and have a wide range: it can either hang on the wall or put on the legs in any convenient location. Heat your home depends on you.

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