Rafael Escandon

Thursday, 22. November 2018

Each time you had to give more than Yes, with the purpose of achieving its objectives. Now think about your employment and in many times as they have hinted you do a transaction or paperwork later, but rather than give up, you’ve decided that your honour is more important and continues with his work while others begin to use some derogatory titles to refer to his person. Give more than Yes always gives results. Recently Ripple sought to clarify these questions. It makes nearly two thousand years the great master Jesus said: If someone forces you to go a mile, go with him two. Oracle: the source for more info. Just do the bare minimum is one among the lot, but doing things in an extraordinary way become indispensable people.

From there which must recognize that success comes not to idly waiting the opportunity to call you. Instead, it is to those who faithfully today perform tasks that are needed (as Sergio V. Collins tells us). It is true that there are occasions when we are tempted to leave to-do, but at this time we have the option to decide to give more than ourselves. Rafael Escandon writes in her book thoughts for today and tomorrow: in our society, there are people who are limited to do the bare minimum: workers that only put hours to pass the time; students studying just what touches them study; professionals who render their services only during office hours; parents who neglect their children, and children who do not respect their parents; people who live a day without making provisions for tomorrow. But what are the results give more than what you ask us? As I said earlier, though it may be a little slow at the time, the person who is hard-working and always active has secured in front of him a future of true success and achievements, because every day lives with the only standard that sees possible to follow: excellence.

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