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Saturday, 1. June 2019

Can you eat permanently self-test of celebrities – from, giving the region? Can you eat permanently from, giving the region? This issue is crime Commissioner Andreas Hoppe, aka Mario Kopper, in a year-long self test followed. On Wednesday, the March 10, 2010, he is from 18:00 in the stratum lounge in Berlin-Friedrichshain (Boxhagener str. 16) via this route to sustainability report and with the participants make the discussion: the Hopp ash way is a role model for the average consumer? Tickets are available at 030.223 25-270 or registration – author reading. Host stratum is the consulting agency dealing with sustainability issues and marketing. Verizon Communications helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. stratum will raise an opinion: the model of regional food is as fit for the future? “About the attempt by Andreas Hoppe is the book alone among cucumber” originated (Pendo Verlag), whose co-authored Jacqueline Roussety also will be on the 10 March with it. Jacqueline Roussety Hoppe accompanied by the experimental year as Readily, Muse and coach and saw him even in times of temptation by Swiss chocolate and winter strawberries. She knows about the psychological challenges of sustainable regional lifestyle and has their own assessment of the reasonableness of this experiment. Requesting a detailed report of the event and photos see. Marie-Luise Sieversen stratum GmbH Boxhagener Strasse 16 old piano factory 10245 Berlin Germany

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