Monday, 5. February 2018

Like defending the environment Citizenship: to create platforms or environmental associations of rapid action in cities, countryside concerning municipalities; with close relationship with the official estates. The intention is to give meant the words: action – solution. Official estates: programs of implementation and support to the investigation of the zones more damaged by the contamination. More rigorous and up-to-date laws for the environmental protection. Focused towards the industrial contamination, deprived and citizen reeducation. The water: to create official and associative organizations with sufficient resources to do against the following points: – To review the system of channels and conduits concerning municipalities. Availability of municipal groups for the fast repair of the possible losses.

If the damages are by uncertainty of the installation or for being an elementary system constructed at times of abundant water availability and the present losses is multiple, to draw up a plan of investment engineering for the urgent renovation of the channel. Not to allow that inertia and the administrative slowness that can produce too many delays in the execution. To create a mechanism of pursuit of the managements through a commission created by the city council, association or affected union. Not to leave nor an end loose. – To optimize or to extend the stores depots in the municipalities with very unstable cycles of rains. To carry out calculations and engineering to optimize the sizes of the stores depots of the water of citizen consumption – Responsible for the provision of the water: To watch the cubic meters that each user consumes, not to apply only higher tariffs from certain amount of meters, this only, does not serve to persuade that it is not consumed in excess. The percentage of citizens who make case is not sufficient – the majority follows with consumer inertia or negligences. When the accountant indicates excesses of consumption in relation to the habitual activity, to contact with the consumer: to review the installation, to find out habits and to apply to correctors.

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