Retail Modern

Friday, 15. April 2011

Experts estimate that the cost of cargo handling at complexes of class "A" for 30-35% lower than in poorly adapted to this low-quality warehouses. Proceeding from this, in many cases it is advantageous to lease tanks in logokompleksah Class A "rather than splurge to service its own store of low quality. But in practice it is not so simple. The fact is that described a variety of warehouse space located on the territory of Russia is very uneven. 75% logistics areas of class "A" and "B" is concentrated in the metropolitan and the North-West regions – key transport hubs of the country. At the same time in most parts of Russia are still prevalent low-quality stocks Class "C" and D, converted from vacant industrial buildings and basements. For service of modern logistics systems that claim to the European level of quality required complex communication infrastructure, which in many regions is in its infancy.

Even in these rapidly developing Russian cities such as Samara, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, etc., is still a shortage of warehouse space Class "A" and "B". So often the federal and multinational companies coming to the regions, are forced to build their own high-quality logistics terminals to meet their needs. Ubiquitous Retail Modern logistic centers began to be erected in our country largely due to major domestic and foreign retailers. Hundreds of thousands of items of goods (food, electronics and household technology, medicine, clothing and footwear), the special conditions of storage and transportation – all it required new approaches to warehouse logistics.

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