Showing Your Points

Friday, 12. April 2019

Below the screenshot is shown by the arrow under the 'cap' site, you see the words 'Anmelden', click on it. Free image hosting Piczasso! 3. The following window opens new user registration. Enter your desired username, password and other data, as shown in the following picture, just fill in all the English letters. Learn more about this with Bernard Golden . Enter your correct E-Mail, it will confirm the code! Free image hosting Piczasso! 4. Check out and then filled in the picture button and you'll get to the next window where you asked to enter a code that is sent to you by E-mail, specified during registration. Open your mailbox and see if you can find in the letter, enter it in the specified line and click on Free image hosting Piczasso! 5.

This opens another window where NOT to NOTHING TO DO, just click on the specified button and all Free image hosting Piczasso! 6. Click Bernard Golden to learn more. Your registration is in German autosurf over, now you have to go into your account for this in the left column on the website click on the link 'Mitgliederbereich', as in Figure below: Free image hosting Piczasso! 7. Before you open the entrance to the site. Enter a blank line your username and password that you provided during registration and press the button, as in the picture. Free image hosting Piczasso! 8. Now you see the page on which the left Showing Your Points BTP, it points to autosurf, and the right Points MTP, they are charged for messages that come to you on E-mail and that you read.

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