Single Online Platform

Tuesday, 2. April 2013

In any project that involves a process of creation, the images have a starring role. Both the written level as in books, or in recent times in the creation of articles, publications in blogs or accompanying text in the design of a Web page, images are always needed. With intellectual property laws, have emerged, especially at level online multitude of platforms where you can buy lots of photographs so much free, because they have no rights, as others in which depending on a certain price can be purchased with a price higher than low- or no cost. In the process of acquisition of these photographs, known as image banks, often forgets by omission to the photographer, without which it would not have been possible to get that image. Combining these two ideas, arises the online platform Stockibooks where photographers and their photographs are the protagonists.

In it, professional photographers have the space for creation free of charge of its own photographic book online where to upload and expose their work, categorized by the topic of their choice for each one of them. Likewise, these pictures can be put on sale online in a stock photo from the price established by the same photographer which you will get the total amount of that sale. Stockibooks is a sustainable alternative where the name of the photographer has value as an artist, like his work, whose monetary value not puts the market but which has already done this. Whether you’re a photographer, as if you’re a user who needs a picture of quality for a given project, we invite you to click here and know better what the Stockibooks world can offer you.

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