Socialist Constitution

Tuesday, 18. February 2014

JOSE BRECHNER tension continues to rise in Bolivia, due to the obstinacy of the Government does not return to the autonomous regions their taxes of hydrocarbons which amounted to $166 million, and the totalitarian wishes of President Evo Morales to impose a Socialist Constitution, granting them rights originating above the rest of the inhabitants. The same document also dictates hoarding all the resources of the nation for usufruct of the ruling party, under the guise of better distribute wealth. Since the neo-Communists took power the rows are the bread of every day. It is the customs of the trade unionist dictator remain the same before that to sit on the throne. The only dialogue that knows is the trompadas. The only difference between the political football who played prior to his investiture is that he switched sides on the Court. The referees were in his favour at the first time and continue its part in the second, but the public is enraged and begins to take the turf by assault. The hypocrisy and moral self-confidence, is typical of the populists but fails to astonish: governs autocraticamente and so; he manipulates the laws and imposes measures by force; commit fraud in referendums; imports spies and mercenaries from Cuba and Venezuela; manufactures false identity documents; It pillages the State and impoverishes the country; assails private property; threat to journalists; abducted opponents; commits terrorist attacks; expels the Ambassador of United States; It promotes coca production and drug trafficking; encourages the smuggling of fuels; mannish civilians; murderous adversaries; give away the sovereignty of Bolivia to Chavez; He joins forces with Islamist terrorism, but speaks of democracy. Socialist brazen of the 21st century, that hate the rich and the poor, love are among the wealthiest people in the world with the stolen funds from the State coffers brimming with of dollars, product of the nationalization of the largest and most profitable companies, and high prices of commodities.

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