Space Technology

Monday, 28. July 2014

Now these technologies are available to people in everyday life at home "- he replies. I asked: "So it turns out space technology? In this box? "He answered:" Yes. It was so " I have a joy full of pants I think: "Definitely a product of the future! How Vidic or telly, is in every home And when you nebylo "I said:" A man! Come dine in restaurant in the evening. I want to do it! ". He replied: "No problem ". In the evening over dinner talking about the problem of dirty air, about things that can not be denied: – that the air of offices and apartments is 5 times dirtier and more toxic than the street – that In addition to dust and smoke is still paint on the walls, linoleum, and new furniture, formaldehyde, volatile – evaporating chemical cleaners, Renovated 150 chemical compounds evaporate into the air every second – Dust mites, allergens, odors caused by cooking.

– Dead stale air that smell of animals, bacteria and viruses. – "Energy" windows, which are "saving" dead air indoors – appliances producing a positive charge ions starvation, etc. All that poisons our lives, making it shorter. This is a reality that does not go away. But modern man spends 90% of the time of his life in a confined space (Home, work, transportation). This problem has already ranked among the most dangerous in the 21 century. How many people can live without a computer?

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