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If you learn what’ll show in this article, your relationships will be much more fruitful, you’ll have great relationships with your customers, with tuscolaboradores, and also with your family and friends. This is the topic of the article leadership and teamwork screaming A Un Sordo first part, published on 28 November 2010, on the web site, which is one of my blogs. In this article I propose the subject of effective communication, so that you can understand why in 70% of cases the person with which you speak virtually no listen, is worried about his problem, not your problem. It seems to be able to speak, I am referring to a dialogue of truth, with a person you must first attract your attention, if it is not as if they speak only, it is like talking to a deaf person. And a deaf can even shout you, that you will not hear. The Statistics say that in 95% of the free time you have it spend thinking about yourself, so why do not think what they want others?, to immerse yourself in their problems, so you will be much closer to these people, you’ll better understand them. Ponte in their shoes for a few moments so that you better understand his point of view. But the good news is that there is a solution to that problem: to get what you want from a person, first gives him what she wants practical exercise: 1.

the first time you have the opportunity, when you talk first time with one of your distributors, applies this technique, instead of telling them what you want, listen to it with attention first. 2 Identify your problem, here you have to use your intuition because sometimes your dealer is not going to say to the face, clearly your problem, sometimes you have to guess it you. 3. Southwest Airlines insists that this is the case. Gives you a solution, push yourself and gives you the best solution that you can, as if it were your problem, or as if the problem of the most beloved be of your life, if the problem is more serious, tomato awhile, a day, two days, to give you the best solution. 4.

I really like after solve you the problem, your dealer will ask the same, unless you mencionaras not a word: thank you, what can I do for you? 5 Applies this technique whenever you have the chance, until you are going to become a habit, until you’re going to do so unconsciously, as speak, walk, blinking or moving your hands. At the end I would like to me to leave a comment on this article, tell me a little bit and tell me what are your questions, your concerns or your problems. Thanks a lot. Toader Matei video Grati * s: how reprogram your mind the corner of the wise: hears, sees and calla, and with nobody will have battle.

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