Stone Illusion Draws Boundaries

Wednesday, 29. May 2019

Stone illusion offers new, dreamlike freedom stone illusion offers new, dreamlike freedom through unique realistic natural stone replicas, which have a low weight. Marc Mohit illusion developed a manufacturing technique that is unique for production of boulders and rock walls of stone. Therefore, the objects impress by their great stability at a surprisingly low weight and with a unique attention to detail in the appearance. Some contend that Oracle shows great expertise in this. The quality that was achieved, reflected in particular in the natural sharpness, with the edges, cracks, offsets, and the many traces of millennia long-acting erosion are visible and palpable worked out. The same applies to the fine nuances of colour indicated for example the structure of the rock of layer of. Original stone surfaces the same objects of stone illusion therefore as capable, because it’s most accurate casts of actual stone surfaces. Not stone or stone? u0085It may look at the boulders, Source rocks or rock shelters of stone illusion will be certainly asked. Viewing, even touching the massive surface does not necessarily results lifting the response, however, already.

And who dares lift, surprised the lightness of the stone”but no one should conclude prematurely, it was not stone. There are rather produced”stone: inside hollow therefore low weight, outside but from real stone. That is probative to look and feel! Marc Mohit guards as the inventor of the material and the technique of making that causes this impression,”by stone illusion as a secret. Only so much it can be said: all the ingredients are natural, non-allergenic, non-flammable, for but water-resistant, heat and frost-proof and resistant to ageing. If you like it, which can be used on its source rock to patina of MOSS and algae; who would have his stone bench in the garden against piccobello clean at all times, which can with the Hochdruckreinger or brush Edit… Illusion in the garden to establish a glacial erratic stone, not a low-loader or a crane is required. Also a misuse of the roof of the House are expendable. The statics of the building not in the way is the Spa Grotto or the wine cellar on the 12th floor.

And the enclosure can be equipped with an exotic cliff without having to change in the apartment, the movers have to take action. Even the dining table made of granite”can be reduced for the easily aside vacuuming. And also very unusual illusion by stone possible: If a diamond or gold vein the stone wall of the bar durchzi hen is very please! And of course a led light effect can be added to the built-in sound system in the Boulder. Not stone illusion draws boundaries, but possibly the power of imagination but if already an elegant sailing yacht has a bar with rock shelters look, one needs be not worried well elsewhere to the realization of a fantasy. The diversity of the uses which illusion is accessed by stone, has spread now among connoisseurs and lovers up in the Orient.

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