Successful People

Monday, 24. March 2014

Watching friends and prosperous as he slowly but surely poured into the wonderful world without wage work has made for himself a few conclusions, but rather identified three main problems most successful people. Problem 1: constant lack of time problem is compounded by the fact that the more successful you become, and you go forward, the stronger will be requested and trebovniya your time on the part of other people. But that's not all! The farther you go forward, the more worth your time! And do not use it with a productive impact is comparable to a crime against yourself. Problem number 2: the constant feeling that the world around you is terribly small for you you've grown out of it. And he does not yet understood, and continues by inertia to show you the old faded scenery has long passed the lessons of long-forgotten plays. Problem number three: lack of understanding of the absolute majority of the people around you, especially close to this the main problem! If you are lucky enough to meet even close with a few successful people – each of them is alien to his family, friends and associates (of course unsuccessful). And many of his environment for some reason, believe that success came to him unfairly, that he was lucky again by accident, and his place in actual fact they should be. Whose life has once again walked on the sharp turn (I confess I thought so too before looking at them).

Although they deserve this success to all its existence. This environment is constantly trying to load their human complexes, a sense of guilt in front of them non-existent for his success and a long list of things that he (or, God forbid, she) now they have until the end of his days. I have a dosih get from my mother, since when I left work with hired in late June. Success – never happened! That's what I write in more detail in his book, you can get for free here

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