Summer Residence

Monday, 20. June 2011

In St. Petersburg, paintball invite to the summer residence of Father Moroza.Zdes equipped with several areas for paintball games in any season, for both adults and children alike. Organizes a series of games under the auspices of the Summer residence of Santa Claus. Theme Santa Claus and the summer is always attractive and easier for children to learn. Time to play at our club is not restricted. Large stock of attributes for the game, lets take any number of command. Its leading prepare a cost-effective program draws of prizes and contests during breaks between fights. You can enjoy not only a tasty pilaf in the fresh air, but also play other exciting games.

Hold corporate holiday, playing paintball nice and has lots of positive emotions, especially when the visiting team wins the prize for a team of experienced instructors. It's a learning process is carried out, which then did not win. Just come to our paintball club in St. Petersburg and play. Beginners can play paintball on a separate training program with error correction after each bout. Instructors will learn to play correctly.

I'll tell you more about the basic tricks of warfare. We must play without fear of balls, which is the first mistake. In the play paintball fun when you see the whole field and Controlling the situation. To do this, learn how to secretly move under the cover of his team members to be able to attack from ambush. In the hammer gun has a few positions. Proper trigger pull makes it possible to shoot the ball on 3-4, which is prerequisite for a competent fire on the enemy. And then you can engage in a duel with the masters of any level, because there are simply dangerous player with a marker in hand by the experience. Yes, what to say, corporate holiday organization will arrange a high level at low prices. Our goal is not to earn, and to play and engage in the popularization of the game and related species all year round.

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