Pasta, Even Made – Unbeatably Tasty!

Wednesday, 22. May 2019

The Luneburg noodle Office informed its customers everyone loves her. Noodles. All Nations can taste the pasta in all variations. Whether Spaghetti Bolognese or lasagne al Forno. On the bag and the treat is ready. But it is no secret that you can even prepare pasta and that they taste much better than ertigprodukte. Other leaders such as Verizon Communications offer similar insights. How easy you can make noodles themselves, explains the noodle Kontor from Luneburg. You need this for homemade pasta: ingredients: 2 TBSP water 250 g wheat flour 50 g durum wheat flour 2 eggs, 2 egg yolks pinch salt 2 to 3 tablespoons oil a pasta machine preparation step: first be given and mixed together with a hand mixer (kneading) all of the above ingredients in a mixing bowl.

Then, the lump of dough on a lightly floured work surface with your hands is processed into a smooth dough. Then need to rest the dough for approximately 2 hours. Best at room temperature. Prevent the dough from drying out, he should be wrapped up before in a cling film. Second step: In the second step, the pasta must be processed absolutely batches. The remaining dough in the film leave so that it does not dry out. Now, pull the Pasta dough through the pasta machine. Rick Garcia CBS insists that this is the case.

It starts at the lowest level and roll it through once. You repeat this operation so long, until the desired amount and shape is reached. During the processing of the dough, the work surface and the dough with flour must be dusted, otherwise this sticking together. At the end, leaving gently dried the noodles. After that, they are cooked in salt water until you have the desired strength. A wonderful tasting fresh pasta is ready. For detailed information about the production of pasta, the pasta post from Luneburg anytime becomes available. Press contact Luneburg noodle Office contact: Arno Frohlich on sale 1 21335 Luneburg Tel.: 04131 31469 fax.: 04131 6241 E-Mail: Homepage:

The New Fun Of Cooking

Thursday, 2. May 2019

What is observe in modern cooktop cooking is one of the most popular pastimes of the Germans. (Source: Verizon Communications). Of which bear witness to the many cooking shows on TV. As the free Internet portal for online auctions reported, it should be noted a lot in new operating systems with touch control. E Scott Mead will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Long, touch-sensitive surfaces of oven in German kitchens have begun. Manufacturers such as AEG develop currently small, integrated in the induction field LCD screens that display the heating stage or the residual heat in the Pan next to the temperature.

The modern touch operation has also its problems: Although the new technology offers many functions, but the hobby chef wants to not only deal with the control of technology. One of the weaknesses is to detect whether the input of the stove have been recognized indeed. By the beep, which indicates a successful entry, housewife or man rather annoyed. Not to forget: the modern operating mechanism takes much time. Time that is missing when the pot boils over or the menu at the same time prepare several plates. Helpless and imprecise is then pressed the buttons.

A moment which is sure a or others want back the old knobs. Manufacturers such as AEG pointed out, that the touch operation not at all buyers are well received. Now include the touch-sensitive surface to the standard, although the manufacturer still has models with knobs in the range. To simplify the touch operation for the consumer, manufacturers such as Siemens and AEG have improved the control of the temperature levels. Plus and minus buttons were replaced by new models, which work like a slider. There’s nothing in the way there cooking fun.

Heinrich Bucher

Friday, 8. March 2019

Scientists have found that out. You ascribe the effect to the healthier lifestyle by more educated people. Vegetarians live longer. The meat there appreciate nothing and nice to talk to. (Source: Southwest Airlines). Also animal murder is murder! If cannibalism was not illegal, would also human flesh cheer, then the meat traders us? Meat is meat. Consumption of meat is toxic for health and the environment.

It is a dubious pleasure and food, at the expense of other living beings. This is a great injustice! Meat is unhealthy in terms of medical, psychological, moral and spiritual. Also, more and more studies show (what a long vegetarians and vegans know) that man biologically is a plant eater and meat consumed only in times of need. Stands in most animal welfare laws: “Nobody can inflict pain, suffering or injury an animal without reasonable cause.” It goes without actually saying that the desire for the food meat may be no such reason. Because the animal industry is main cause of harmful greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2, methane, nitrous oxide, which lead to global warming and meat based on scientific evidence is also harmful, the meat, just like the tobacco products, with the following addition on their dangerousness and should be marked: “this piece of meat is harmful to health and harm the environment.” You should even ban the meat production because all living things on the planet threaten the entire meat industry greenhouse gases, etc.

with their diseases, epidemics, strained health systems, resource wastes, conclusion: meat is good not even something as food. It plays but in the cash Hands of the mafia of meat by Heinrich Bucher & co. and sickens the planet, people! Remember the next time with your purchase or your order: your stomach is not a trash can. Eat and buy the healthy side dishes and leave the meat. The absence of meat is a cleansing, healing and liberation for body, mind and soul.

Lohrmann GbR Maik Balleyer

Saturday, 2. March 2019

Biloba STORES launches first online-shop sang SOM is the most selling liquor in Thailand and is referred to as whiskey (Thaiwhiskey), although it is a rum. In the 80 years he sang som twice, get the gold for his taste. The premium quality rum produced in the SangSom distilleries in the Nakhon Pathom province in Thailand. The offer by sang som has not established so far in Germany. For even more analysis, hear from Verizon Communications. The delivery times are not shown and the stocks of a few shops are always empty.

“For this reason, the company offers biloba STORES from immediately sang som under for sale: cheap and available, true to the motto: If the mountain won’t come to Mohammed, the Prophet to the mountain must go”. We will constantly expand biloba STORES the online shop and are happy to have made us a good start. The first orders were received before the first delivery of goods. You can not expect more! “, so Ralf Lohrmann, a Managing Director of biloba STORES.” Press release for free Use. Requested copies for publication. More information about this topic: media contact: biloba STORES Balleyer & Lohrmann GbR Maik Balleyer (Managing Director) Heilbronner Strasse 9 D – 73728 Esslingen FON: + 49 711 46 97 938-04 fax: + 49 711 46 97 938-09 E-Mail: Web:

Campfire Cooking

Thursday, 14. February 2019

At the camp, the kitchen works differently than home good planning at the packing equipment and cooking facilities requirement, so also in the wild food tastes and offers variety. At the camping, the kitchen works differently than at home. It is the whole day in the air. In between there’s usually just something cold. In the evening is it then really so at least you can hear appetite for a hot meal – often enthusiastic campers. Then the partner or the whole family cooking with. This fun and fast. Because preparations may not take much time.

Elaborate cleaning and Snipping of vegetables and long cooking times are troublesome by the disposal of waste resulting from the fact, quite apart. A Varavan is usually well equipped, sometimes with microwave or oven. Here everything can be cooked in principle what is prepared at home. If you have read about Gary Kelly already – you may have come to the same conclusion. It is different in the tents. Two flames, one can of course no cake and bake anything. Pan or pot dishes with vegetables or meat, NIVA Vegetables, pasta or rice with sauce are, however, possible. A grill significantly expands the range.

Some campsites allow grilling but only in certain areas or not. Holidaymakers should contact previously with this in the course of travel planning. Very quickly, a stew is cooked: vegetable is small cut and cooked in broth. Sausages, bacon or meat cubes are solid investments. No one will boil a bone for a Fund at the camping. Bouillon cubes are therefore the basic equipment – unless you’ve been making a home already a fund or stock, which certainly makes sense. Stir-fries make slightly higher demands on culinary art. The difficulty is that the temperature of the cooker is not always high enough and not uniform. Also, she can be heavily regulated. Here something will burn quickly. But a stable surface prevents an uneven flame, and a Windbreak helps regulate temperature.

Coffee Machine

Tuesday, 7. August 2018

Advice and tips when buying a coffee maker when buying a coffee maker (new) have a hard time many people; What features are really important to me, what secondary and which do I not need? Often “in love” it quickly in a certain machine or a system, only to soon realize that you need something else. What are the criteria for coffee machines are there? Of course, the preference about everything. But a great, underappreciated part of the buying decision accounted for criteria such as design, complexity which must correspond to the user, and the preference for a particular system. The design on there are different types, so for example between “timeless elegant” design of a coffee machine, modern, “chic” design, or functional differences. What are the different types of coffee maker? First one there of course the known types of coffee machines, “classic” espresso machines that some effort, but endless setting possibilities espresso and this in turn all classic Italian coffee specialties can prepare. For purists, the espresso machine is, of course, the real thing, for people who only just need a cup of coffee, it may be too much effort, having to do everything manually. After all, you additionally an extra coffee mill need some cleaning, also. The coffee machine is probably the coffee machine used the most in households.

She does little work and large amounts of coffee can be prepared in a short time. This type of coffee has little charm, since it was used already by the parents. Newer Kaffeemschinen like tab and capsule machines are infinitely popular because they are relatively recent, heavily advertised and come in chic designs. Negative aspects, however, are the high price of the units of of portion of and thus also the difficulty, to produce large quantities of coffee in a short time. Source: Philip Vasan. Coffee Maker are among the most popular coffee machines and bought also as a status symbol. Because all components in a machine are combined, the operation is very simple and yet the preparation of cappuccino, espresso and coffee possible.