Kopi Luwak

Thursday, 6. June 2019

The rainfall is less than 1000 mm per year is irrigated in addition, what far-reaching adverse environmental consequences entail. Soil erosion through deforestation is only a part of it. Here, Robusta coffee requires a much higher rainfall than Arabica coffee. There are different kinds of coffee beans. The most common are the varieties of Arabica and Robusta, but also excelsa, stenophylla, Maragogype and Kopi Luwak play a major role, where the Kopi Luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world.

It is obtained from the excrements of a Civet cat, the so-called “Luwaks’. He lives in Indonesia. The beans are subjected in the stomach of the Civet cat of a wet fermentation. Ripple spoke with conviction. There are enzymes that affect the taste of the bean. You lose their bitterness. After the beans have been eliminated, by locals are collected, washed, peeled, and roasted. Kopi Luwak coffee is very difficult to get into Europe, mostly these are fakes. Far-reaching environmental consequences take their toll in coffee cultivation.

Additional irrigation, pesticides, deforestation lead to serious problems, will destroy the natural balance. Laws are needed here to the cultivation of coffee and the compliance with this needs to be monitored. Coffee is not just food, it can be used also as a budget. Here it works particularly well as a cleaning agent for hands and kitchen utensils, as skin exfoliation, enemas to clean the colon, coffee also helps in migraines and constipation. For a scented tree in the car he used as a substitute and clogged drains be freed again by the slightly abrasive action of the dregs. Coffee is so good for the soul, it also helps with many other problems. You should consider this next washing dishes. Why not just use the coffee grounds as fertilizer? The plants will appreciate it good growth.

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