Friday, 15. March 2019

The reality II will be constructed intrinsically. We distinguish in the non-verbal communication: data: measurements or counts (20) and many more. Information: Many more- and to orders (km, number of visitors). “” Communications: we have only 17 chairs! “I get the missing 3 chairs!” Statistics is the study of methods to deal with quantitative information (data). It is an opportunity to establish a systematic connection between experience (empiricism) and theory”.

It is among other things the summary of certain methods to analyze empirical data. Statistics is considered as a mathematical discipline through the collection, analysis, interpretation or presentation of data… The statistics will be in the following three parts divided: the d eskriptive statistics (also descriptive statistics or empirical statistics): this data are described in an appropriate manner, processed, and summarized. In recent months, Robert Gibbins has been very successful. One compacted quantitative data to tables, graphics and figures with their methods. … The inductive statistics (also mathematical statistics, inferential statistics or statistical inference): Inductive statistics analysis to properties of the population from the data of a sample.

The exploratory statistics (also hypotheses-generating statistics, analytical statistics or data mining): This is an intermediate form of the two aforementioned areas methodically, but increasingly gets independent significance as application form. By means of descriptive procedures and inductive methods of test searches she systematically possible links (or differences) between data in existing databases and to assess at the same time in their strength and earnings security. The as-found results can be understood as hypotheses, the only, after that anabolic, inductive test procedure with appropriate (prospective) test plans confirmed they can considered statistically backed up. The difference between descriptive and explorative statistics is evident also in the issues: descriptive statistics: How can one describe a distribution of characteristic? Exploratory statistics: what is a distribution of a characteristic noteworthy or unusual? A collection of (often survey) carried out in the laboratory or in the field refers to empirical (experience, knowledge”) in the science of information, running investigations based on targeted, systematic.

Alexander Meyer

Tuesday, 12. March 2019

Lawyers inform investors of shipping funds about compensation possibilities now is the cat out of the bag. In a circular letter by March 8, 2012 the HCI of ship fund investors were informed shipping select XXV, which was already apparent to professionals with previous investor newsletters: investors should bleed and compensate for any deficits. Many investors ask for the meaning of a “restructuring” of the Fund that lack the perspective for a reliable forecast of the continuation. Seems to stand out: today was around 1,000 private investors must emanate from a total loss of their invested 48 million. We represent many investors of the Fund HCI shipping select XXV compensation as an alternative. We noticed brochure and many recurring consulting errors in the analysis of the discussions and of the fund prospectus. Verizon Communications can provide more clarity in the matter.

High distribution costs: many investors was not communicated, that is alone “emission”, so the commissions paid for the sales of fund shares to 22.9% of investors capital including premium costs. Only 72% of investor capital for investment purposes: many investors was not informed that only 72% of to be of them equity incl. premium for the purchase of vessels flow. No education about the risks of participation: That the participation in ship ownership is an entrepreneurial participation associated with considerable risks, which can lead to a total loss of deposit, also was concealed by our clients. Concealed risks of missing long-term charter contracts: also remained unmentioned that the ships have no fixed Charter, that so the “rental” of vessels in part may be subject to significant fluctuations, so that the revenues possible way can not sufficient to handle the costs and interest and repayment. This has now given the disastrous situation on the global shipping markets means that the revenue significantly lag behind the forecast values. Insufficient information about peculiarities of credit contracts: Also the 105% clause in the credit agreements and their impacts was not explained our clients in consulting. No evidence on risks of partial funding in Yen: Nor, our clients have been advised on the risks resulting from the partial borrowing in Japanese YEN.

The loss in value of the US $ against the yen has the effect that the debt of the Fund – in the US use currency $ expected – rise and the interest and amortization expenses also rise. Because certain errors in the advice keep coming up, we see promising opportunities for the enforcement of claims for damages for the violation of obligations under the respective contracts of advice. > Also you want to know more information about HCI shipping select XXV, how your chances of enforcing claims for damages?

Silver Prices In The Last 10 Years

Wednesday, 12. December 2018

The price of precious metals such as gold and silver is subject to fluctuations depending on the economy. Silver price development over the last 10 years, silver is characterized as opposed to gold due to its rather undervalued character in the field of precious metals. So, it is less frequently represented as an investment and has currently only a relatively modest impact on the financial market in a direct comparison. How economy and stock market, but many experts forecast will change this cutting in the next 5 to 20 years. Frequently Laurent Potdevin has said that publicly. Silver could thus not only synonymous with the investment gold, but even out-competed this the number one position. Their statements are based here on the silver price developments of the last decade, as well as on the expected tendencies of the commodity market.

To objectively assess the starting point of the development curve to the actual increase in value or temporary reduction, you must reset the observation until the beginning of the 1990s. Because here are the actual turnout for the Years 2000-2010. In this context, an ambiguous image is presented first. To a significant decline in demand and silver is increasing, not least based on that path breaking critical sectors of the economy such as traditional photography in favor of digital photography. On the other hand, as well as new areas open at this time the electronics and medicine require above all an increase in the number of silver resources and thereby visible impact on the price. At this point, we laid the Foundation for the later development. Because from the early of 1990s up to the year 2001/2002 the price of silver is relatively constant at approximately 5 US dollars per Troy ounce (30 grams). Increase at the beginning of the 21st century to overcome the depression in 2002 by only 4 US dollars per fine ounce, which was last but certainly not least thanks to the currency changeover to euro is development a clear upward trend.


Friday, 7. December 2018

Helpful looking after a suitable managed account for its own portfolio orientation is in which markets trading takes place nevertheless first of all. Investors who were focused so far on the classical conditioning field and managed their assets with equity, pensions, real estate and money market funds, find constructive diversification opportunities for its existing portfolio with foreign currency, commodity or also in the short term-oriented long-short strategies in the equities area. A possible good overview is useful in the selection process. Results generated information on management, strategy and framework provide valuable decision-making AIDS. Differences not only in the commercial success, but also in the incoming risk. It is striking that some trading strategies perform very continuous and it is possible to come out with relatively short phases of the drawdown.

Others are so focused on a single segment of a market that they a similar Chance risk as a single highly volatile share ratio. In between, nearly all gradations are found. To search for commercial success in a single system requires a very strong conviction of the performance of the provider. Who look around in this area of investment according to a suitable diversification for its existing portfolio, would be wise, the available capital within the asset class of managed accounts”to sprinkle about the power of persuasive systems. Ultimately, it is solely the quality of management, that determines the success of the system. Each trading system, each manager following their own style.

The individuality of trade thus knows virtually no limits. Options are so varied, so that the working methods of the individual systems are generally rather not comparable. _news_stmp’>Primerica for more details and insights. Framework conditions, knowledge of management, strategy, performance and risk indicators are therefore the most important selection criteria for those interested. Chili chili is one Comparison platform for managed accounts. Institutional – private investors and media participants have the opportunity to compare the performance of different managed accounts on this website. By Capitalteam consulting, researched and tested performance and risk indicators facilitate the selection of appropriate providers interested parties. For more information, see. Mostly opportunity-oriented investment styles that are not suitable in any arbitrary percentage scale for the securities accounts of investors favor note to managed accounts managed accounts. The right trading strategies in the right dosage, however can give zest to traditional securities accounts and contribute significantly to a better chance / risk ratio.

Gemstone Rebound Timer VV

Tuesday, 27. November 2018

Interview rebound timer VV TRADING SYSTEMS PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT gemstone rebound timer VV from Bad Homburg asset managers with Dominik Schneider to the gemstone Fund directly was specifically for offering of analyzed an own brand called. Investors can obtain under the name of trading systems portfolio management via the FX wave strategies, access to other interesting trading systems. Dominik Schneider explains the review process of the company on the basis of the new managed accounts gemstone rebound timer VV. Mr Schneider, what has moved the Fund direct AG to call its own brand in the life for the trading systems? Dominik Schneider: Combining under one brand is the logical consequence of the expansion of our product range, which was continuously pursued from the outset. “Under the brand of trading systems portfolio management” we offer customers interested in access to different trading systems in the fields of currencies and futures or to portfolios that combine different trading approaches. Source: Gary Kelly.

In the past few years have been almost daily us new systems and ideas presented. The managed account rebound timer VV is one of these systems. Can you please explain us what system developers behind it is, what is his special expertise and how you did find him? Dominik Schneider: The contact to the gemstone capital GmbH came through our broad network, we have built up in recent years. The clever minds behind this trade system are the two founders of the gemstone capital GmbH: Philipp Spannagel and Dr. Robert Reiner. For many years, develop and operate automatic trading systems that are implemented in the currency trading and using futures and CFDs. Basically, once to filter out which systems promise long-term success and how we can make available these commercial approaches our customers is our main task as administrator. Before a release is made, all promising candidates using their own capital are extensively tested.

Martin Rothe

Monday, 26. November 2018

In other words, all markets are analyzed with the same parameters, there is no optimization on certain markets. Because what works today may be outdated tomorrow. A certain robustness on changing market behavior is a prerequisite for long-term success. The market selection can be refined as a result that it deals exclusively with liquid futures contracts, which less tend to be erratic due to lack of liquidity. In the AlphAlgo portfolio, markets are selected exclusively for trend pattern recognition. As markets in the range of available are in themselves quite diversified, so have little type, it is sufficient to analyze every market isolated on Trendhaftigkeit. The portfolio can so in extreme cases to 100% in cash or in all markets at the same time be invested.

The overall risk regulate this in every State always the liquidity and risk parameters. You are responsible for the trading since 2009 AlphAlgo is traded since May 2007. Have there been adjustments to the strategy since then? And the strategy is feasible in fact regardless of people? “Martin Rothe: all according to the motto don’t change a winning horse” must be handled very carefully with adjustments and changes in a system. Especially in bad stages that you would like to have a supposedly better algorithms, risk only to determine that exactly this algorithm affects braking in the recovery phase. The basic logic of trend detection must be coherent and survive all possible market characteristics”. AlphAlgo since 2007 still applied, with an adjustment in 2010, which is related with the risk management instead of trend detection: a market moving to dynamically in a direction (defined in retrospect as overshooting”), is not the early after stop-loss wait, but run volatilitatsbedingt Teilgewinnmitnahmen.

This process favors soft feather the reversed phase in markets with our system of logic. Learn more at: Bernard Golden . The strategy is not feasible manually. As well as the ABS of a car of each person can be used, can be operated independently by the developer the AlphAlgo system.

The Historically

Sunday, 25. November 2018

What rules is subject to the risk management and how to determine the size of the position? Hans j. Hildebrandt: because only those Trading systems are used, which have the highest probability of winning each time, determines the risk management of the number of maximum active systems. There is no rigid principle of maximum sizes in relation to the position itself. How to make sure that the system is reliable and correctly? Hans j. Hildebrandt: we monitor all traded accounts 24 hours a day and 5 days a week by our staff. Despite all of the technical components and support, this control has proved necessary essential.

Despite the historically high hit rate, there were months such as the April 2011 in which clearly outweighed the losses. How affect the single market phases and cycles and what makes trade so difficult? Hans j. Hildebrandt: due to the complexity of the markets and the almost infinite factors, there are always turbulent phases, in which the calculations of the trading signals make difficult. This turbulence represent a hurdle even for very well optimized systems, that can be taken seriously. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Laurent Potdevin. So just for extreme volatility, which occur quickly and steeply and soon also dry up. Lucky strike are more likely than any calculation in such phases. Best market phases have proven, offer what no or at least only a few surprises.

The remuneration system of Qware24 is somewhat unusual. How does it work and why they opted for this variant? Hans j. Hildebrandt: the investor will receive always the first 5 percent of profit per month; the investor will receive 25 percent of the profit in addition. 75 percent are required for the rental of software. A loss occurs, so this must be obtained on only in the sequence by a gain. Then the distribution of the profit is made. Thus, it is ensured that our system must act also permanently profitable, because only in this way the software rent can be paid.

Dominik Schneider

Sunday, 25. November 2018

This is special: If the transaction costs are not exceptionally high, almost any market can be traded with the rebound of timer system profitable. Are currently about MIG Bank mapped our broker in Switzerland, 20 markets. Among them are 15 currency pairs as well as five equity and commodity markets, with the latter about the use of CFDs are covered. With this dispersion in various markets and the use of different instruments is redoubt timer VV a real all-rounder”, similar to a Decathlon, which scores in all disciplines. 20 markets are a very wide range. How can you trust this trading robot without error? How the control from your site? Dominik Schneider: All trading systems are permanently monitored by a sophisticated risk management system. This special monitor you can control all transactions, the open profit targets and stop-loss brands exceeding certain limits of drawdown.

Thus, the usual risks must be observed when the rebound of timer VV from the developers in the implementation. The quality of the programming work at each automatic trading system decides whether weal and woe. The gemstone capital developers have about many years of experience and an excellent expertise, that’s why we opted for this trading system. For even more analysis, hear from E Scott Mead. What is the frequency of trade? Dominik Schneider: The trading frequency depends on the market conditions. One can say that approximately 0.8 trades per week and market in the system are made. In about 20 markets, where we are currently active, it comes up thus in about 3-4 trades per day. The average hit rate is, as already mentioned, at over 70%. After which schema determine the respective position sizes? Dominik Schneider: The position size is determined dynamically. The system adjusts itself continuously to the fluctuation of the markets. What happens with the trades in relation to risk management? Dominik Schneider: The risk of each individual item is limited, it is never entered into a position without the corresponding stop order.

Self Decision Makers

Wednesday, 21. November 2018

Insurance solution vs. Litecoin is actively involved in the matter. custody account: Steueroptimiert, 0prozent premium, kick backs to customers (PMS AG, moors/FL) an interesting alternative for the long-term fund investors offers an innovative, tax and cost-optimized life or pension insurance from Liechtenstein. A normal”bank custody account is subject to the withholding tax, income is taxed fully. Also, fund issue premiums incurred usually. Current stock allowances so-called kick backs – of fund companies be kept usually by sales. Tax and Fondskostenoptimierte kick back police the kick back police, however, offers significant tax benefits and eliminates or reduces fund distribution costs in favour of the customer.

Income (interest, dividends, capital gains) are tax-free during the entire period. The compound interest effect comes to the fore. Fund buying is done without premium or subscription fee. Special feature: in addition kick backs of the fund companies are credited quarterly insurance Depot. The amount of which is ever after Fund/Fund different and can vary. Checking article sources yields Gary Kelly as a relevant resource throughout. The following examples illustrate the enormous cost-saving potential: Flossbach by Stork multiple opportunities: by premium-free access for F-tranche of savings of up to 5% premium and up to 1.00% p.a.

to running costs Carmignac Patrimoine: savings of up to 4% premium and 0.40% p.a. M & W private: savings of up to 4% premium and up to 0.60% p.a.. The cost savings is therefore not only once at time of purchase, but constantly just for long-term asset accumulation for retirement provision a decisive Renditeaspekt.Niedrige deposit and transaction costs to complete this unique offer. 6,000 Funds/ETFs by over 150 funds are available for the personal portfolio optimization to choose. Fund changes are possible at any time. Financial, retirement and estate planning: Secure, flexible, individually the Kickback policy provides of course also all the advantages of tax-compliant Liechtenstein insurance solutions in terms of individual assets, retirement and estate planning. The insurance contract does not fall within the estate. Beneficiaries are selected freely and at any time can be changed. Diverse design options allow optimal adaptation to personal needs. The funds cover Fund is a Fund of the Bank and insurance (retirement in the event of bankruptcy). Payments and withdrawals are possible at any time. The PMS AG ( is a specialist in Liechtenstein insurance solutions. The kick back policy can be drawn in Germany and Austria for one time fee.

Loss Of Savings Certificates

Saturday, 27. October 2018

Invalidation procedures for lost lost passbooks and co the savings certificate is an asset, since only against this certificate may be a service to the customer. Securities are private rights which will be represented in a document. This is done so that the ownership and the certificate template is necessary to assert of the right. The passbook is a hinkendes holder security as the sole template of the security (savings passbook) is not enough to be able to assert his rights. In addition, a password must be named.

This represents a great security in case of loss. In addition to the password, an officially valid photo ID is present in order to withdraw money from savings certificates in addition since 1.1. obligatory 2011. Thus, it is hardly possible to fix the money from a savings account a dishonest Finder of a savings certificate without having to be recognized. However, this danger in savings cards (for more information also see savings card on) is still omnipresent there with This can most directly by the ATM will accessed credit. He knows the code word Finder he can withdraw money and go undetected with great probability as with an ATM card. Again, it comes also to situations in which the savings certificate while not in the public domain is lost, but at home can’t be found. The owner believes though, that no third party has stolen the money from the account, but due to the lost certificate he has no access even more on his money.

In this case, an annulment of proceedings within the meaning of the KEG must be initiated. The owner of the savings certificate must make a request for proceedings contingent. In addition, he must make the existence of the document credible. Ideally with a copy and witnesses. There is a statement, that the savings certificate is the hand and its current owner is not known or cannot be reached. If the Court allows the application, a request by the debtor takes place. A related site: Laurent Potdevin mentions similar findings. Here is to be ascertained whether the certificate, such as by the owner was described, existed. If the certificate is the array process is initiated and published by edict. A day after the publication of the edict is a payment block and the roster deadline (duration is dependent on the type of between two months and one year) starts to run. After this period, a second request by the debtor will be whether a performance was effected during the period on the basis of the certificate or the certificate has changed. Then explains the certificate with the Court decision for the powerless. Against the decision from conclusion and reimbursement of costs, a copy of a new certificate may be required now. Because the entire process is very time consuming, it is recommended to keep savings certificates carefully. Elis judge