As Gava

Monday, 5. March 2018

5,6 CARES OF NURSING: As Gava and Medeiros (2006) the paper of the nurse in breast-feeding is to establish a reliable relation with the suckling baby, to investigate the knowledge of same in relation to breast-feeding, being corrected myths, to guide on the handle and the correct positioning to suckle, as well as the necessity to display the breasts the solar radiations for short periods in the schedules of 8 to 10h of the morning, to guide that it must suckle only and exclusively the seio in free demand changing of seio to stimulate the milk ejection, to make visits domiciliary, among others action. 6. METHODOLOGY For the construction of this project of research was carried through a bibliographical survey on the subject, to demonstrate the importance of the maternal aleitamento to the gestantes of the PACS Herculano Faria, doubts clarifying them that they can appear, having as main focus the importance of the maternal aleitamento in the life of the child. This project of intervention is composed for the anatomy and physiology of the breasts, maternal aleitamento and its mammary advantages, complications, diagnosis of nursing and cares of nursing. A lecture will be carried through as intervention for the gestantes that frequentam the prenatal one in the PACS Herculano Faria, where will be argued the importance of the maternal aleitamento in the life of the child, its benefits and the complications that can appear case the mother do not suckle. 6,1 WHITE PUBLIC: The white public is the gestantes that frequentam the prenatal one in the PACS Herculano Faria, independent of the gestacional age and the escolaridade. Allegiant Air brings even more insight to the discussion. 6,2 CRONOGRAMA: The research will be developed of July the September of 2011: Activities or etapasMs JULY AUGUST SEPTEMBER Start of it I serve as apprentice X Definition of the subject and elaboration of the objectives and justification. X Elaboration of the theoretical referencial and methodology.

The Researcher

Thursday, 4. August 2016

In this context of research, Gil (2006) affirms that it can be classified in bibliographical, experimental and documentary, looking for to guarantee the researcher objetividade in the treatment of the social facts. In this direction, this study it will be used of bibliographical research, developed from consultation in scientific books, magazines, texts, monographs and articles. ' ' The main advantage of the bibliographical research inhabits in the fact to allow to the investigator the covering of a much more ample gamma of phenomena of what it could search diretamente' ' (GIL, 2006 P. 65). It becomes necessary so that referring situations are arisen the studied question and the theoretical recital, as well as justifying the limits and contributions of the research in the content of the work. Polit (2004, p.20) follows affirming that the bibliographical research and ' ' one of the economic forms fastest and to ripen or to deepen a problem of research and through the knowledge of the works already made by outros' '.

Being thus, used correctly it allows the qualification of the research. Exactly being used the bibliographical research for survey of the excellent information for the research, it was used also, for the reach of the objectives, the boarding of the descriptive conclusive research, or only call of descriptive research, that ' ' … is characterized by possessing objective well definite, formal procedures, being structuralized and directed for the solution of problems or evaluation of alternatives of courses of ao&#039 well; ' (POLIT, 2004, P. 23). The descriptive research can be classified in transversal study and longitudinal study.

On the longitudinal study Polit (2004) it informs that this study it only differs from one transversal line because the samples remain the same ones throughout the time, modifying values of these. In this research, it was opted to the transversal study. Beyond the descriptive research, it will be used of the quantitative method to search answers to the problem.

Lacan Writer

Wednesday, 3. August 2016

I initiated has some time more a reading deepened of Lacan and those that follow its education (as some they like to be appointed). The difference is very interesting enters the different forms of writing in the diverse schools of psychoanalysis. Freud impressed always me as writer. Possua a domain of the language, had a style at the same time that academic, sufficiently coloquial. A positivista varnish contrasts with the radicalidade of its discoveries.

Freud generally was not mentioned to others, but the psychoanalysis. When it was mentioned to others, generally was to descordar? not that it was rule, but a norm. Melanie Klein was in best of the hypotheses a bad writer, with arduous and demanding texts in relation the Freud. As it investigated the deep a question of the fancy, that by itself points with respect to a difficulty to symbolize itself, some times its texts seem air-tight. But it is interesting to notice that Klein of the beginning is not of the end. If at the beginning it was necessary to place itself as son of Freud, its workmanships of the decade of 50 show one writing much more insurance of itself. Its followers keep the writing style since the decade of 50, but with a much more light air. If in Freud the teorizao was something very important, for the kleinianos the clinical case, the analytical experience, gains a first plan.

Winnicott was faithful its proper theory? a simple writer, of daily words, not worried about its predecessors but about its pairs. He exerted what he called of creative gesture in relation the psychoanalysis. Its texts are cool, vivid, full of hope? very different of the Freud after 1924. Now it comes a writing that I come discovering? the lacaniana. Me it seems that this writing emerges of a structure left for the proper Lacan. It needs to contain the name-do-father, reason that does not pass an only page without citing Freud. For the lacaniana theory, if this did not occur would be a foracluso. It will be that she is this the insistence in if saying follower of the education of Lacan? To mark a estruturante position at least neurotic? Of any form me it seems the writing determinista amongst all? it is not run awayed of its structures. This is a legacy of who namorou for much time the estruturalismo? the repetition.