Lacan Writer

Wednesday, 3. August 2016

I initiated has some time more a reading deepened of Lacan and those that follow its education (as some they like to be appointed). The difference is very interesting enters the different forms of writing in the diverse schools of psychoanalysis. Freud impressed always me as writer. Possua a domain of the language, had a style at the same time that academic, sufficiently coloquial. A positivista varnish contrasts with the radicalidade of its discoveries.

Freud generally was not mentioned to others, but the psychoanalysis. When it was mentioned to others, generally was to descordar? not that it was rule, but a norm. Melanie Klein was in best of the hypotheses a bad writer, with arduous and demanding texts in relation the Freud. As it investigated the deep a question of the fancy, that by itself points with respect to a difficulty to symbolize itself, some times its texts seem air-tight. But it is interesting to notice that Klein of the beginning is not of the end. If at the beginning it was necessary to place itself as son of Freud, its workmanships of the decade of 50 show one writing much more insurance of itself. Its followers keep the writing style since the decade of 50, but with a much more light air. If in Freud the teorizao was something very important, for the kleinianos the clinical case, the analytical experience, gains a first plan.

Winnicott was faithful its proper theory? a simple writer, of daily words, not worried about its predecessors but about its pairs. He exerted what he called of creative gesture in relation the psychoanalysis. Its texts are cool, vivid, full of hope? very different of the Freud after 1924. Now it comes a writing that I come discovering? the lacaniana. Me it seems that this writing emerges of a structure left for the proper Lacan. It needs to contain the name-do-father, reason that does not pass an only page without citing Freud. For the lacaniana theory, if this did not occur would be a foracluso. It will be that she is this the insistence in if saying follower of the education of Lacan? To mark a estruturante position at least neurotic? Of any form me it seems the writing determinista amongst all? it is not run awayed of its structures. This is a legacy of who namorou for much time the estruturalismo? the repetition.

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