Bream Fishing

Wednesday, 3. October 2018

I'm just lucky in the sense that the first bream fishing on the shore, I pulled into individual two and a half pounds. Bream caught in June, when the water temperature is in the Eye was about 20 degrees. caught a fish on a donk. A leading source for info: Litecoin. What is it was: at one end of the rod attached sinker 20 – 30 grams, it all depends on how far you need a cast. To put on a sinker strainer bag and stuffed it into the bait – porridge made of industrial bait for bream, you can buy at any local store for anglers, you can drop two – three drops of anise oil, no more, because if the oil gets on the gills of fish, she will leave and never come back to the place of feeding, the oil will not give good fish breathe in water. In short, a sinker followed by two hooks at a distance of 20 to 30 inches and at 80 – 90 inches from the sinker is placed shotgun for a throw in wet weather to tackle fast held in his hand when casting. Tackle thrown about 30-40 meters from the shore to the place where bubbles come from the bottom – a dig at the bottom of bream and seeks out his food. back and throws a prior feeding.

Now you can buy a spinning reel and cast bottom line, and so throw much easier to tackle. Now it is necessary to talk about attachment and its preparation: buying a pack of quick-cooking oatmeal, sift it, to separate large lopushki around the nail, then what remains of Hercules – are on the bait, and large grains, popularly called 'lopushki', then they should be prepared for attachment of hooks: put two handfuls of rolled oats (lopushkov) on the gauze, and five seven times in boiling water dip so that the whole mess gets wet. A prior paper spread out on the table. After immersion in boiling water for oatmeal, allowing water to drain from the gauze, we scatter oatmeal on the table and pours hot cakes lopushki milled from the first redistribution sunflower. Further frayed hemp seeds in a coffee grinder, lightly fried them first in a skillet. I take hemp seeds from the fire, at the very moment when they start to jump from the frying pan, which means the willingness to cannabis.

Then rolling in a grain grinder and then poured the flour hemp gerkulesovyke lopushki. (In total, two handfuls of hemp seeds). Flour, of course, prepare in advance, but remember that the smell of marijuana is very volatile, and need to pour as soon as possible after pomola.Srazu also pour the mixture oatmeal and vanilla. Oatmeal makes gerkulesiny fluffy, attractive for fish and bathing in boiling water should be suitable for such period as the Hercules would become like the state of chewed chewing gum and could afford to hold onto tightly lopushkam kryuchkke during casting and tackle the fall in the water. This nozzle is kept in calm water about two hours, and if the bite during this time there was no rope to be updated and transferred. I should add that after a short stay of the mixture on the table it should pour in a glass enclosed dishes, or rolled oats can dry up. If the feeding place for several days without catching that fish was in your place, not proplavyla back and forth, feeding rate: roll twenties, the size of a fist in the day, and then you necessarily going to catch, good luck to you all! Lim.

Creating Plate

Saturday, 7. May 2016

Picking up a variety of ores, the most profitable professiya.Snyatie skins. Removing the skin from corpses zverey.Travnichestvo. Collecting herbarium specimens at the expanse of Azeroth, the profession's smallest competition. The meaning of these professions is that with the greatest waste of time you can get the most revenue from certain pharmaceutical ingredients. These occupations usually take a second character (the farm characters) for earning gold. Kraftovye-profession for earning a craft used by the profession with recipes that are always used sprosom.Portnyazhnoe case. Creating tissue izdeliy.Kozhevennoe case.

Creating leather izdeliy.Kuznechnoe case. Creating Plate izdeliy.Yuvelirnoe case. Creating gems and jewelry (rings, necklaces). Enchanting. Improved performance veschey.Alhimiya. The creation of various potions and elixirs, the most lucrative profession. With the above occupations can earn well, knowing certain period of time during which demand for such craft is great.

For example RT (raid time) at the guild, usually in this time of greatly increased demand for Alchemy. Players buy potions, elixirs on an industrial scale, or after RT, when many players have acquired new equipment and they need jewelry stones or charms. Also, in such professions rostet demand following the release of new patches. The most successful ligament professiyDannye profession go perfectly with each other. For example, getting some ingredients and immediately use them to produce something, or a combination of the two professions, which together give a great bonus to the characteristics personazha.Kuznechnoe case and Mining. Extracted ore is used in production of plate armor and dr.Kozhevennoe case and Skinning. Skin a dead animal used for production of various patches and leather ekipirovki.Yuvelirnoe case and Mining.

Portable Games

Tuesday, 9. September 2014

On the day for today's important was to play portable games, sometimes even more interesting than the modern, demanding more resources from your computer or laptop. A huge plus of these games is that their huge online and the number of portable game download free, you can quickly, easily, without registration and sms. The second is not insignificant, plus portable games is that they do not need to install, they work fine with the stick, having only one file, not download system, are protected from viruses. Actually, portable games are primarily used for workers who work in offices. Usually, good companies, administrators, prohibits the installation of any software or games on working computer or laptop. But you can just cheat and not get reprimanded: you have to download the portable games at home, upload to your flash drive, then come to work, plug the stick into the connector usb, download to your computer or laptop, or run straight to it (the stick) before the downloaded portable game.

So, you enjoy the game in his spare time. Portable game will be relevant to those players who did not realize or do not want to think to install games on a PC or laptop, sometimes It can not make even an experienced gamer. Enough to type in any search engine portable games for free," go to the proposed sites, choose your favorite game and download it. Mainly portable games have no great weight than full versions of games, usually from 10 to 300Mb. This allows you to fit the size of the portable game on a flash drive is not taking up much space. Portable games are compressed full version games, allowing fully complete the game in one sitting are not limited demo versions.

Polymer Clay Crafts

Saturday, 17. March 2012

Needlework Nowadays there are many ways to express yourself. Someone like weaving with beads, embroidery someone, and someone enthusiastic about the modeling. Needlework in general, is an art form, which can deal not only with the master, but ordinary people for whom this is just a way to escape from everyday life to express themselves in art, as well as to share with others the fruits of their labors. Needlework is just a way to make your home more comfortable. So nice when surrounding things are done personally. Indeed, in each of them a piece of energy you invest, positive, joy.

Engage in needlework always just for fun. Do not forget to create something for myself. Jewelry, necklace, earrings, brooches – all in your clay rukah.Polimernaya One type of needlework – the creation of jewelry made from polymer clay. Polymer clay (or thermoplastic) – a substance similar to clay, from which, in principle, You can do anything, which is then baked in the oven and hardens. It's pretty easy stuff, easy to run. Even the children for whom a needlework novelty, easily able to create something – anything. How do I find stuff? Very easy! Enter in any search engine internet – Polymer Clay purchase, and then your choice of shops, in which it is sold. Well, after the case for small, when the clay is in your hands begin to sculpt, invent and You must have something special.

Thermoplastic – it's not just artificial clay. Noteworthy is the very fact that using it can create or simulate virtually any texture, artistic effect or a surface. For example, wood, glass, fabric, porcelain or even ivory. The possibilities are almost endless. Everything depends on the talent, imagination and skill. One of the most popular techniques of working with Polymer clay – Millefiori. This ancient technique of Italian glassblowers. In working with a thermoplastic, it became applicable in 1981. Esther Olsen manufactured from plastics small decorative candies. Later this technique in the world of polymer clay, called caning (kening). In Russian, these wedges with a picture inside is simply called sausages. Indeed, the shape and pattern in the context they are very similar to that meat product. And a small example of the handiwork of the polymer. Make a flower! Before using the mash and roll out the polymer clay. Any colors, to your taste. From the basic colors sausage rolls and cut it into seven parts by 2cm. One brusochek obvorachivaem stripe of another color – this will be our core. The remaining blocks should be laid around, and with a toothpick make the shape of petals clearer. Once again, a strip of contrasting color obvorachivaem, indenture of the same toothpick at the junction of the petals. When put together all the pieces, and watch carefully so that between them there was no air or holes. Now start gently and slowly rolling resulting brusochek. When we got the uniform thin sausage, cut it in half and look at the resulting pattern. If you are satisfied, cut to the required number of parts. And voila, you get wonderful, lovely beads from polymer clay. And in conclusion, I wish – Be creative, all in your hands!