Robert Koch

Wednesday, 8. May 2019

coli in an outbreak that has already caused 19 deaths and approximately 1,700 infected throughout Europe. We face a tense situation in regards to health care, Bahr recognized in statements published by the Bild am Sonntag. The region most affected Germany is Hamburg, where are concentrated the majority of affected, so you have already begun to move to the less serious patients to other destinations. From the Regio Clinics hospital, on the outskirts of Hamburg, they also recognize the problems of saturation. All hospitals in the area are the limit. We can afford it, but some of our patients have had to be diverted to other centers, especially those affected by the hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) or who need dialysis, explained a spokesman for the hospital.Operations for non-lethal diseases are being reprogrammed. In a question-answer forum Verizon Communications was the first to reply. It seems that the situation can improve, since now we have only 60 patients who must be isolated in comparison with the 109 that had on Friday, he pointed out.

Increases the number of deaths the Institute virological Robert Koch in Berlin encrypted this Sunday in 21 fatalities by the outbreak of e. coli in Germany, to which we must add another dead in Sweden. During a visit to the clinica Universitaria Eppendorf in Hamburg, in the North of Germany, the President of the Institute, Reinhard Burger, said that across the country bringing the number of confirmed cases of contagion to 1,526. Of the total affected, 627 suffer dangerous hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) that causes the pathogen, and in many cases is feared for the lives of the patients, he added. Across the country already are some 2,500 people infected or under suspicion that it could be. Source of the news: the origin of the outbreak of e. coli could be in germinated seeds of Germany

Europa League

Tuesday, 16. January 2018

Start the Europa League, with the Athletic and Atletico as only Spanish representatives, every time that Sevilla had failed so surprising last night before Hannover, German. A competition desbravada at the beginning but well suggestive at the end and that it has so powerful computers such as Tottenham, PSV, Schalke and PSG, who start as favourites – are classified two of each group. But it is somewhat provisional because then will come, in the next phase, the descabalgados eight of the Champions League. All have the same goal: the end of May 9, at the Bucharest National Stadium. The draw was a bit demanding with Atletico, which played him tough (Udinese) and another uncomfortable (Rennes), and most benevolent with Athletic, who will fight for the leadership of the group with the French PSG, which has invested so cute this summer. Source of the news:: obstacles of low-rise in Europa League.

Labour Party

Monday, 8. January 2018

The island will return to its owner the Norwegian police stressed the importance of the visit occurs when it has not yet elapsed a month since the massacre, and this kept in anonymity, although this did not prevent the VG newspaper advance hours before the news and disseminate images of Breivik in Utoya taken from afar. These are the only images that currently have spread from the visit, since the Norwegian Police announced that it will not provide any for now. By family members and all other consideration should elapse in a dignified manner, and we should also take into account the time. In addition, technical investigations should be finished, and the place remain clean before the accused arrived at the island, he said. The purpose is also to relatives and survivors they can get the best possible information about what happened there, he added. The unexpected visit of Breivik was also motivated by the fact that the police You must surrender control of the island again to the youth of the Labour Party, who are its owners, before August 19.

For that day is provided which the relatives of the victims of the massacre to return to Utoya, while the next day will the survivors, in two acts by private. Until this Saturday, Breivik remained isolated and guarded 24 hours a day to prevent that you removed is the life. Also strong security measures had been installed so he could not be attacked by other prisoners. Norwegian police admitted the week pass having committed an error after receiving the first call for help from the island, since they chose a longer route than necessary, according to information from the Norwegian public channel NRK. According to the reconstructions made these days in Norwegian media, the own Breivik called police to surrender, presenting as Commander of an anti-communist resistance against Islamization movement. Source of the news: the author of the killing of Norway returned to the island of Utoya to reconstruct the facts

Public Ministry

Thursday, 4. January 2018

It is a statement which is ordered classified as irregular immigrants of questionable age. Will only occur with those who refuse to pass the relevant forensic tests to determine his age. In 2010, 136 immigrants were considered adults from 299 that were not accompanied by anyone upon arrival in Catalonia. The Prosecutor of Catalonia has issued a statement ordering catalogue as adults of dubious age irregular migrants ensuring be minors, when they refuse to undergo forensic tests to prove it. In his statement, the top Prosecutor of Catalonia, Teresa Compte, sets the protocols that prosecutors must follow before growing cases of mostly African immigrants seeking institutional protection proving in their passports that are minors, though his physical appearance indicates otherwise. In the year 2010, the Prosecutor of Catalonia ordered 299 investigations to determine the age of 299 immigrants unaccompanied, of which 136, nearly half, ended up being cataloged as adults, according to data from the memory of the Public Ministry for 2010.

The circular from the Procurator’s office coincides with two recent rulings that have called into question the reliability of radiological testing (primarily of the wrist and the teeth) that are used to determine the age of minors, a few tests that according to these young immigrants dnsa associations have a margin of error of two years, in the case of the Sub-Saharan harms them given its greater girth. In his statement, Teresa Compte alert that will increase the number of foreigners without families, mostly from countries in the Gulf of Guinea, which claim to be minors, crediting it with passports and birth registration, while by your physical appearance it seems obvious that they are adults. According to the prosecution, the number of these foreigners is high and sometimes have come to occupy more than half of the squares in the reception centres, with the problems posed by the fact of being mixed with minors and employ assistance and training resources that are reserved for these. The statement warns that many countries have civil records of dubious reliability and issued passports from the mere manifestation of personal data, while in others, such as Ivory Coast, Ghana or Togo, not enroll children with a name until after several years, which reflects long to decide that more suits you. In the countries with which Spain has no agreement agreements, instruction sets that it must be follow medical criteria to determine the age in borderline cases. In such situations, the circular from the Procurator’s Office requires to open a dossier for protective and summon the minor to practise the corresponding radiological tests, including the ortopantomografica or denture radiography. Minor must be informed, if necessary through interpreter, the process and its consequences, but will be considered of legal age if it refuses to undergo x-rays and be examined by the coroner, always that its appearance is that of an adult, the Prosecutor does not appreciate that it’s a minor contempt or fearful and that there are no other data in your records that point to the contrary.