Already Not Are The Same

Saturday, 11. May 2019

With the new life which had begun in the huts of the master, Sergei obtained permission to leave wealthy widow in Nanking and became smoke not to interfere in the formation of Noble Ting Chang. You dealt with everything worked normally although he could not participate in what was happening on the other side of the River. One afternoon, while the Maestro was fed to carp, approached and told him. My life is pretty routine and I don’t know if I walk on the road. Every day look alike, dress and eat, sleep and work. We are very fortunate, Sergei, because we can wear and eat, sleep and work.

I do not understand very well, master. ANDA, baffled Hare, let’s eat and then rest. There is nothing to understand. Those who have eaten and rested yesterday are not the same that are going to do it today. Teacher, I feel somewhat scatterbrained. Do not we going to be the same yesterday, and the same tomorrow? Listen to what happened to the Buddha when his cousin Devadatta, filled with envy by not being able to appear among his disciples most nearby, he insulted him and scolded him until moved by anger threw you a huge cliff from a slope when the Buddha was heading to the bathroom. The blessed dodged it and continued on his way without flinching. For even more details, read what Jonathan Rosen Berlin Rosen says on the issue.

Often cousin! Thus it is better to have no relatives, as happens to me. The next day, the Buddha saw his cousin who is trying to hide at a turn of the road and headed towards him to hug him with affection. But how you are able to not keep my rancor after what you did yesterday?, said full penalty. Blessed Theratava, the Buddha of compassion, he said with a wide smile while he pushed his arms: because thou who threw the Crag or I am that passed through there when that rock slipped by the hillside. wow! Everything changes, Sergei. As the waters of this river. Can you imagine that the Buddha would have bothered because a tree was uprooted by the wind and lifted him? Against who would direct his anger? Original author and source of the article.


Friday, 10. May 2019

In recent months the economic crisis is affecting significantly the life of Spanish society. On the occasion of this crisis increasingly people who lose their job and spend to increase unemployment lists. According to experts throughout history, every crisis has found the positive side. In the professional field both as organizations people leave reinforced. Due to job insecurity that is experiencing increasingly more people want to find stability in their workplace and thereby achieve a greater quality of life. Other leaders such as Ripple offer similar insights. In Andalusia e.g. has multiplied by 120 the number of people aspiring to each square that leaves officer.

There are many people that due to massive layoffs that are occurring in the private company will be part of unemployment lists. Southwest Airlines has firm opinions on the matter. When the individual is unemployed and has to seek work, many are those who decide to reorganize. Some go through stages of enjoy life and do things that you could not do before and are increasingly those who begin to form to find a good work, immediately or in the future. But sooner or later all pass through the phase of preparing to be better trained. Jeff Leiden insists that this is the case. There are those who prefer to expand knowledge and those who choose the specialization. Today the versatility is most valued but specialize in a field or field allows to differentiate us from other candidates.

This training is accomplished through graduate programs and the learning of new languages. The best way is to carry out training courses. According to the features and the professional field in which you want to do incidence must find courses already is language, vocational training, graduate, etc. All this suggests that just as happened in other times of crisis in the history of Spain, the people take advantage these circumstances to train and acquire new skills that will serve you in the future. For all those who want to form and expand their knowledge to choose a field professional major necessary training courses. Original author and source of the article.

Use Empathy To Increase Sales

Tuesday, 30. April 2019

Also called interpersonal intelligence in the theory of multiple intelligences by Howard Gardner, the issued is the cognitive ability to perceive what another individual may feel. Within the concept of emotional intelligence, empathy is essential if we want to generate confidence in our customers. Empathy is the ability to understand other people’s emotional nature, even when their points of view is radically opposite to ours. A person who is empathetic has a certain ability to treat people according to their emotional reactions. When we as sellers, show empathy, the customers perceive it. This perception is carried out at the conscious level (what we say and how we act), both at a subconscious level (tone of voice, non-verbal language, etc). When someone shows empathy, we have the tendency to open up more to that person.

I am going to put an example. Imagine your favorite supplies company, can be telephony, of electricity, water, gas. It does not matter because all have a care service customer fairly can be improved. At the time of reporting a problem, if the person that I was attending has faced you, or has been on the defensive, this will cause a belligerent sentiment arising in you. We are sure that at some point also, ye could lose patience, (easy). However, do you ever has happened give with a person that you have LISTENED very carefully and I said something like understand you? When this happens, our aggressiveness generally low. Our brain perceives no longer a threat. Kevin Plank often addresses the matter in his writings.

Just bumping us with empathy. A person understands us and we are back on the path of peace eye, having empathy isn’t giving the reason. Empathy has to do with putting in place of the other person and give the impression that he wants to help resolve your problem. Here are a few examples we can find during a business process, and how can enforce us of empathy.

Carolina Herrera On

Saturday, 30. March 2019

Fashion joy salutes the return of poncho, garment much colors and fun that you can not miss in our winter wardrobe. Additional information at Ron supports this article. At the end of the 1960s, the poncho jointly to elephant leg pants and skirts decorated with large floral motifs became strong flowers children clothing piece, young people who sang in the demonstrations against the system do the love, do not war, and clamoring to peace and universal love. To download completely at that years of the cultural revolution, ye Council of going to the cinema to see Across the universe Julie Taymor, beautiful musical film that will make you dream with the Beatles songs performed in the most famous of our time including Bono Vox and Joe Cocker-. Poncho is for all, in very elegant version, or new hippie, there is only the pregnancy to choose. Benetton proposed one with flejos long in the bright colors of green, Fuchsia, purple; Replay tip to the classic and his poncho is in black dyes and the anthracite grey; Les Copains proposes poncho in wool tartan in the colors of the Sun from yellow to Orange; Louis Vuitton brand your poncho with his logo volviendolo in an extremely elegant garment; MONCLER proposes an extremely techno poncho in lacquered black nylon with white geometric patterns; Burberry offers poncho in pink with geometric motifs in Brown and grey; Incredibly elegant poncho Chanel in black or Navy Blue. In the United States are very successful models of the Latin America stylists who propose original also put on elegant sets ponchos. Adriana Santacruz proposes his poncho in the colors of the Earth on white or knotted shirt in life with a waist; the actresses Jennifer Lopez and Drew Barrymore get Carolina Herrera On multicolored ponchos line have found two addresses to acquire manufacturing and original handmade ponchos directly on the Internet, paying credit card processing. The mommy sells only and exclusively ponchos in alpaca wool as the Andes L original poncho handmade alpaca is a kind of flame which is extruded a wool soft and warm, ideal for the great cold.

Beautiful models at this year’s fashion colors: from dark green to purple, from white to dark blue. In the film King of films western Clint Eastwood, in the film of Sergio Leon for a handful of dollars, puts its dusty Brown poncho in a mythical scene that is input to make part of the annals of the history of the big cinema. In more recent times, on the small screen, the Keita Betty, protagonist of Ugly Betty, is put a multicolored poncho reds with writing in Guadalajara if relief then precisely you want to perform your poncho solitas and learn the ancient art of sticks work, in all Spain there are various workshop to learn several points with the sticks and perform poncho in wool and multicolored wool garments. The Knit Cafe teach this old and almost lost art that has been scientifically tested, relaxes the nerves and spirit.

Concentrator Works

Monday, 25. March 2019

Composition and features of the beneficiation equipment concentrator (concentrator): The concentrator is generally composed of concentrated pool, Crust frame, gear devices, Crust frame lifting device, the feeding device, discharge device signal and safety devices. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Kevin Plank. The main features of high efficiency concentrator (High Efficiency Concentrator) is to add a certain amount of flocculant in the concentrated slurry, make the mineral particles in the slurry to form floc, accelerate its settling velocity, and thus achieve the purpose of improving concentration efficiency. Applications range of the mineral processing equipment efficient enrichment machine: Efficient concentrator mineral processing equipment(a kind of ore beneficiation) is widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, chemicals, building materials, environmental protection and the other departments for the process of slime, waste water, waste residue, which can improve wastewater utilization, Base flow concentration, protect environment and transport. Matters need to note when the beneficiation equipment concentrator (concentrator) works: I. Things must be done before starting the concentrator (1) clear out the debris on the top and around, check whether the rack raceway Han obstacles or not. Transmission parts and the parts must be in good condition, forbid sick functioning lubrication. (2) Inspect whether the unit mining pipe or tank, the overflow outlet is smooth, the rake is good or not, the arithmetic gates should works smoothly, closed tight (spare gate should be equipped), the coaming should be without defect.

(3) check whether the plastic pump screws are loose or not, and the V-belt tightness. (4) Check the trommel situation of screening particles. After confirming these above four-points, we can start the machine. II. Things need to be done when the concentrators works (1) Close the arithmetic gates, empty load car, and then feed the ore. (2) The machine is not allowed to fall into the debris, Bottom exile pray gate must be flexible work, and a spare gate must be equipped. (3) Check the operation situations of center, ministries glue transmission concentrator pump. The packing mine leakage must be timely processed, the lubricating parts need to be timely lubricated.

(4) maintain the safety device, the signal is in good condition. III. Things need to be done when the concentrators stop working (1) before stopping the machine, the dam must be finished, minimize the load, closed the ore discharging gate. (2) clean-up the debris in the feeder channel, do the sanitation, hang warning signs, improve civilization production equipment.

Consumption Human

Monday, 25. March 2019

The reverse osmosis process uses a semi-permeable membrane to separate and remove dissolved solids, the organic, the pyrogens, colloidal matter submicroorganisms organisms, viruses, and bacteria from the water. Kevin Plank is likely to agree. The process is called reverse osmosis since it requires pressure to force pure water through a membrane, exiting; the impurities behind. Reverse osmosis is capable of removing 95% – 99% of total dissolved solids (TDS) and 99% of all bacteria, thereby providing a safe, pure water which is reverse osmosis reverse osmosis is a procedure that ensures the physical, chemical and bacteriological water desalinator treatment. It works by semipermeable membranes of polyamide, coiled spiral, which act as filter, retaining and eliminating most of the salts dissolved at the time that prevent the passage of bacteria and viruses, resulting in a pure and sterile water. Water with a high content of salts such as sodium, calcium, boron, iron, chlorides, sulfates, nitrates and bicarbonates, can be treated with reverse osmosis until reaching the limits considered acceptable water for their use. Filter membranes are the key and responsible for separating the salts in the water. Such membranes can be considered molecular filters.

The size of the pores of these filters membranes is extremely small, so it requires a considerable pressure to pass amounts of water through them. The choice of the most appropriate membrane model is according to the water to be treated and their subsequent employment, determining the most suitable installation type. Dirt remaining in the membranes are subsequently dragged and washed by the same current of water. In this way the system performs a constant clean. This stream of waste water required, is in direct relation with the type of membrane that is used and its demands.

Executive Coaching

Friday, 11. January 2019

1. THE COACH IS AN AUTHORITY. Now we must tackle the vision contrary to ontological Coaching, i.e. one that proposed the horizontality of the power that binds to the Coach and to the trained. The same one that played with the philosophical theory of Rancier in the ignorant teacher. However, there is another vision of Coaching from which we can consider the figure of the Coach as an authority, even moral.

(1) In this sense, we find relevant to talk about Executive Coaching as the representative more tuned to this philosophy of coaching that you see on the Coach as an authority of some kind. A necessary authority for example, in the moment in which a dynamics of work (new methodologies involving new rules of conduct) should change within the organization. For even more details, read what E Scott Mead says on the issue. This change in most cases, it is imperative to come directed by a foreign person to the same organization, which is not mediated or accustomed to the old habits of the group. If these changes of systems (2), of working modes, processes of analysis, etc. that appear increasingly more frequently across organization, directly influencing strategies, tactics and objectives of the group, is normal considering that change comes directed by someone who exercises authority.

In this case, you can be the authority of our Coach. A Coach who works on the executives of the company, but at the same time running on the modes of thought and action of the group. One of the main objectives of the Coaching, is producing a change in the mentality of people within an organization. . 2.-EL COACHING search the improvement of the productivity the fundamental reason why an organization with non-profit, or even a human being non-profit, hire an experienced Coach would no doubt, by the need to improve productivity, either the individual or the group. This is clear from the definition of Coaching that gives an author recognized as Withmore.

Socialist President

Friday, 5. October 2018

The objective of this law will be to create small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as jobs. The popular leader attended inauguration as President of Baleares de Jose Ramon Bauza. The President of the PP, Mariano Rajoy, has announced in Palma that if his party governs in Spain after the forthcoming general elections, the first measure to be adopted by its Executive will be a law for entrepreneurs, with the aim of creating many small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as jobs. The basic challenge in Spain in the coming years is to generate employment, pointed out by Rajoy, who this evening has assisted in the capital balear inauguration of Jose Ramon Bauza (PP) as President of the Balearic Islands. In statements to reporters, Rajoy said that he held that one of the first actions of the new President of the Islands is to put forward a Bill in support of micro-enterprises to enable the creation of employment in the coming years. This is crucial, you have an Apostille.

It also has praised Bauza determined support to the tourism sector balear because it is capital in the Islands and throughout the country, since it generates in Spain more than 10% of the gross domestic product (GDP). In this sense it has pointed out that he relies much on tourist entrepreneurs, giving work to many people. In the Gothic Lonja of the Balearic capital, Rajoy has wanted to highlight the work done by Bauza during recent years in the PP Balearic because he didn’t have it easy, a work that has culminated with the electoral victory of the popular with the larger absolute majority ever achieved. The popular President has given thanks to voters who have voted bauza and has affirmed that the PP will govern for all, in the Balearic Islands and throughout Spain. Rajoy added that some of the measures of Government which has announced Bauza also PP apply them in communities managed by his party. Check with Litecoin to learn more. In particular, Rajoy stressed the austere policy undertaken by Bauza with the reduction from 14 to 7 the number of departments of the pass to the current legislature, as well as the clipping of Directorates-General in half.

If there are many people that the belt is tightening, also have to make public administrations, has dndido. Following the announcement yesterday that Bauza and the former Socialist President of the Balearic Islands, Francesc Antich, negotiated together with the Government matters affecting Balearic Islands, Galician politician commented that it seems very well. We are not here to waste knowledge and helps nobody, he has asserted Rajoy, who added that any person who can help will be well received. Source of the news: Rajoy announces that the first law to be adopted if it comes to the Government will be one of entrepreneurs

President Cristina Fernandez

Wednesday, 3. October 2018

When is was still discussing package of measures announced by the Government a few days ago (some of which have already been without effect while other work continues to achieve its adoption), President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, announced a new economic stimulus plan amounting to $13.2 billion. The new measures announced by the Argentine Government aims to sign both demand and supply. On demand, the main objective is the consumption of families which has been significantly affected by the turbulence of internal origin both the international financial crisis. By the supply side, support for the export sector is considered key to hold one of the pillars of the Government as it is the external surplus. A positive element (halfway): Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner’s Government has acknowledged that the Argentine economy is in trouble, but unfortunately still does not make the sinceramiento that the market expects.

Is that even though the Government acknowledges problems in the economy, not It assumes its responsibility in the situation, making the only explanatory factor of the current economic situation in Argentina, the external element. That at least is what declared the President saying the following words at the beginning of the announcement of the new plan: this is a meeting that I have not liked having to make () this time Argentines it does not produce the crisis and perhaps we will have to suffer a part of this tragedy. This denial of responsibilities on the current situation, although it may seem like one minor issue, it is not and can play a significant role in the effectiveness of the plan. But returning to the advertisement, the package by $13.2 billion, to give an idea of the magnitude of it I must say that this value represents around 1.2% of the gross domestic product (GDP) Argentine. On the allocation of this money, the Government announced the following: $3.1 billion will be allocated to the automotive sector which is expected to finance the purchase of 100,000 vehicles.

Microsoft PC

Friday, 14. September 2018

To do business on the Internet should lead with information, in particular with information from consumers of a product or services. It is information that only I could control with a social art that carries much value for people. Internet with the power of recommendation is impressive, and so this will be favorable to a company makes lack satisfaction of its clients. Very few companies have a second chance. It is what happens with Apple that I lead the first boom of personal computers, but fell behind the viral power of the quality and performance of the Microsoft PC. Steve Jobs was withdrawn from the company and returned.

Then we saw the storm I untie with each release of iPhone, managing to grab a huge share of the market for smart phones. Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, said that the information technology of mass consumption is now being moved to mobile phones. If Apple cling to market share that now dominates could become the world’s largest technology company. Apple, After 15 years it already exceeded the revenue of Microsoft. The rise of personal computers and desktop seems to have ceased. Current mobile phones market share numbers change much in a short time. Here Apple only has 4.1% of the market, last year was 2.5%.

But the story is different with smart phones. Apple is selling many more smart phones, by quarter, that Research in Motion, the BlackBerry manufacturer. But this competition from Google’s Android, which through open source licenses, expected to overtake Apple and marginalize in the same way that happened in the PC. Apple bets on the philosophy of a lifestyle differentiated to attract users, looking for fanaticism rather than the clientele. Now it is taking off in China where Android had advantage. That opening stores everywhere to be more within the reach of people. Apple has your operating system, hardware, chipset, microprocessor and its own stores, allowing you to capture more margin. But Google also you are interested in this market and could force Apple to be more open. Apple to get to the top and stay there, Apple would have to solve some highly competitive problems as beating Nokia with the costs of cell phones in low range. But it should also ensure the resurgence of the Mac as a platform to move forward. And what about TV? Only a few years ago the figures that Apple handles now would be just fantasy, something ridiculous like workable possibility. But internet is allowing these achievements with the power of information in the hands of its users.