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Monday, 10. June 2019

10 Years of issued important recommendations of the World Commission on dams, in most of our countries, the rights of populations continue being violated by the construction of dams. The rivers are still repressive and transvasados, flooded forests, fish and other species exterminated. In flagrant violation of domestic laws and international agreements, indigenous and tribal peoples, ethnic minorities and traditional communities are disproportionately looted and affected by the wild exploitation of their territories, lands and resources. This is one of the main conclusions contained in the Declaration of Temaca, document approved at the end of the third international meeting of people affected by dams and their allies rivers for life, which took place in Temacapulin, Mexico, between 1 and on October 7 of this year. Learn more at: health economics expert. Up to that remote location, which is threatened by the flood of the El Zapotillo dam, next to the villages of Acasico and Palmarejo – departed at the end of September, thanks to the support of International Rivers, the ayseninos Pamela Diaz, Hipolito Medina and loyal Daniela on behalf of coalition citizen Aysen Reserva of life (Coalition ARV), NGO ecosystems and the pool Wall Mapu Puerto Aysen, respectively, and who joined Victor Formantel Victor Hugo Gomez and Karem Cajales, who also attended the meeting.

It was a very interesting experience, with people from all the world talking about what it means that a dam mess in your rivers, your life, your heritage, your culture, they flood was really interesting why. We couldn’t contact people who have the problem there, and that is being affected. There was a diversity of countries with the same problem, what makes us think that we have here a little more than hope because we don’t have any stuck on the Baker and Pascua rivers or Crow expressed about the encounter Pamela Diaz, responsible for the ARV Coalition information. He added that gave us the feeling that We are in time to do many things, fight, educate people, tell the patagones that finally we are here defending this because it is important, because it is a global reserve of water, also, and so did it feel in the same encounter, to which we come with that little bit of hope, from Patagonia.

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