Tuesday, 21. May 2024

Likes – dislikes In relationships, we often doubt the sincerity of the sentiments of our second half. After all, honesty – one of the foundations of a happy personal life. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Electron Capital Partners. How do you determine how fair behaves favorite man? Experienced Witch, will reveal to you some of their secrets. First and foremost, pay attention to your eyes. They never tell lies, whether we like it or not. When composing a fable, his eyes involuntarily "go" to the side, giving us. Remember the phrase from book "The Master and Margarita": "tell the truth is easy and pleasant"? If the child is lying, we immediately recognize it.

Growing up, using your voice and facial expressions we're trying to teach the body not to betray us at the time of lies. However, no matter how we tried, the elements are uncomfortable at any age. Even an adult, when lying, involuntarily closes the mouth and chin. On such small movements can be regarded as man's thoughts, what he is trying to hide from you. You can fool the interlocutor, but not his own body.

The next step is to siddibharath – the ability to read information on the energy shell of a man The secret to a magician in the middle of last century magicians in circuses use this knowledge in their tricks. Especially popular used room called "the elusive pin. Magician invited anyone wishing to stage and asked him to hide a pin in clothing. Then held his hand over the human body and with the help of magical passes found the very place where the focus put a pin. In fact, there is nothing supernatural. Magician passes his hand over the body, feels the breath of man. and other "magical" signs of unrest. Even if you think you know how to "keep the mask, then it is not. The inner voice can not be fooled, because he – the very young child, who "sits" within us and can not tell a lie. You can learn how to read people like an open book

Economic Situation

Sunday, 19. May 2024

Today I would like to write the page saddest that somebody already wrote. I would like to be able, to be capable to exteriorizar the most absolute felt lack of of existing. I desire to transpose for the paper the crudity of not being. He would like but I do not obtain, I know that I know to speak on that border that all know, but I do not want to speak, on the uselessness of this brain to think. Learn more on the subject from Philip K. Ryan. All know more than the same, but the vision of the truth in relation is so cruel the condition human being, who is preferable to speak of books of auto aid, the nature, a thousand and possibility that the man possesss in this life. All man runs away the all moment, the all instant of what it more knows, of what it has full conscience in any place, in any situation human being, social, economic, religious, it knows but he hates to know. It wants to run away from itself exactly to dissimulate not to know that he knows.

He knows that he is nothing, enjoys the instant, but he knows not to be owner of the time, knows yourself not to be. Apercebe of the history of all the gentes, all the knowledge acquired for human beings it knows them useless. For more information see this site: Jos Shaver. Then the drama of the certain death lives, lives a mere life to each day, as if it did not know the cruel destination that the wait, the daily mordorrento that lives, looks at to far, suspira, laughs, sings, dances, cries, but back in its soul it lies deceased, fede, it feels aging of its meats, its enfeiam rugas it, its energy to each as if esvai, its goods exactly do not save it nor of itself. It is looked in the mirror perceives feira that the time is drawing, knows that the nothing the wait, walks the steps cleres its finitude.

Classroom Philosophy

Monday, 19. August 2019

Generally when in classroom we speak of philosophy or the personality of a philosopher the first image that comes the head of a young is of a man all unhaired and with ideas that more seems things of maluco of what another thing. In the truth this is a myth? so to speak? of verbal tradition and that it passes of generation in generation for the corridors of our schools. with this the philosophy goes gaining discredit with the pupils who see in these ' ' ideas of malucos' ' one ' ' passport for fracasso' ' , there since we do not find for a philosopher owner of a multinational with an income of thousand currency symbols to the year. The first step to be given to revert this process is to become the accessible philosophy the children. That is, it is the act to work philosophical philosophy and concepts with the children in the language of the children. It is basically the modeling of a new form of transmission of subjects and theories of philosophy for the children. She is necessary to point out that this new form to educate philosophical does not intend to annul or to break up, to abolish the philosophical chains that perpassaram the centuries.

But yes, without abandoning the philosophical tradition, providing to the pupils a philosophy that they can understand and degustar with easiness. As a step would be to leave the children to speak what they feel and as they see the philosophy in its agreement. In this way they had felt themselves important inside of a quarrel and with this she will be able herself to be made corrections and in sorrateiro way they had learned for itself same the value of its opinion and as if to carry ahead of a conflict of ideas. According to philosopher and educator American north Matthew Lipman in its fantastic workmanship ' ' The Philosophy goes the Escola' ' , method of what does not exist better of the quarrel in classroom because ' ' quarrel, in turn, sharpens the reasoning and the abilities of inquiry of the children as none another thing can fazer' ' (LIPMAN, 1990, p 41).

Max Scheler

Saturday, 20. July 2019

For that reason we are going away to center in very briefly exposing those that seem righter to us. The S-value a very old subject of the iusfilosfica meditation, but the denomination of " valor" she is new, as much as the specific discipline of the Axiollogy. (Others think that thinking on the value it was only a deviation without reason of the unique object of the philosophy that is " to be). The axiollogy, that would have two great tendencies today (a Objetivista and the other Subjetivista) part with Max Scheler (1874 – 1924). The values for Sheler are not equal to the things nor to the being. They are not psychic acts either. If you are not convinced, visit Larry Ellison.

They are " cualidades" special, peculiar to that we did not find another justification that those that they base on themselves. In order to know them or to apprehend them " it is enough to direct to them the glance. " fenomenolgica intuition of esencia" it is for Scheler the intuition of value, the form to know the values. " intuition emocional" it is the way to know the sensible values of the same form that the sensible intuition is the one to know, according to Husserl, objects or the intellectual intuition the one to know the objects ideal. But the values that are not in the mind of the humans but are in the same things, can be in many things simultaneously. For example bravery, the beauty, etc. Can be in several people or the case of this last one in several beings, even inanimate. That is the cause so that Scheler concludes thinking that the S-values " unreal qualities of cosas" and it ends up placing them in " uranos awkward people, transmundo that already would be far from the reality which they assume represent the values that live in him! On the other hand also we can enunciate like characteristic of the values the Polarity.

Nourishing Obligation Case

Friday, 19. July 2019

Intimate relation with this has articles 424 and 473 of the Code Civil, and still more ample the obligatory nature to give foods to the daughters of legal age who are not in aptitude to take care of their subsistence, while this unsuitability lasts. Also a regime of nourishing exoneration in another circumstance exists, and is in the case that disappeared the state of necessity of an ex- spouse to whom it was had to him been granting foods by legal mandate; for this one case in form it express says article to it 350 in fine of the Civil Code can demand such exoneration and be demanded if so until the reimbursement. Exticin of the Nourishing Obligation; Of our legislation extremely, we will take two aspects precise: when the alimentista died or when it passed away forced to grant foods, due to its decease the nourishing obligation is extinguished. For more information see this site: Ripple. But also the law makes atingencia, if the call by law passed away to give foods and subsisted such obligation, to the portion available here of its inheritance will be taxed to where outside necessary to fulfill it, according to it stipulates article to it 728 of the Civil Code. Of the exposed thing we can conclude that the Exoneration and Extinction of the nutritional pension have certain similarities and particularitities. Nevertheless, I consider that although erroneously exoneration considers when in fact is an assumption of extinction of the nourishing obligation, it would not imply that the Judge must reject the demand, because before nothing he knows the Right, reason why she must apply it although she has not been invoked by the parts or it she has been erroneously. Oracle will not settle for partial explanations. 4 Nevertheless, the strict application of the annotated norm would allow that the Lawyers and litigants do not worry in shaping the legal figure that had to be applied to the demand, and therefore they would present/display petitionary demands with doubtful, which would allow that the other part can deduce the exceptions of the case and thus of expanding even more to the process, causing the displeasure of the litigants and of allowing that the lawyers take advantage of this circumstance to make them think that the judicial personnel needs gifts to solve its problem. . .

Ornamental Reason

Monday, 15. July 2019

At last, our lamentable trend to the Ornamental Reason. Perhaps Oswald de Andrade has been one of that they had tried to inaugurate a brazilian typical thought, it made and it through the sarcasm. According to author, Oswald tried to construct a speech that really we are, according to on to our not mentally ill reality and to the foreign teses that ornamentao usefulness only has here. However, Oswald de Andrade was relegated, therefore that, as ' ' scholars and srios' ' , philosophy and satirical mood are irreconcilable subjects. In Brazil, it still occurred in the past an unfolding of the ecleticism (current that it was dominant in Brazil) and gave origin to the other species of philosophical positioning between the scholars: the Positivismo. The Positivismo means to legitimize what it is effective, to agree and to say yes to already existing and the rank. this phenomenon alone occurred in the interest of the ruling classes.

It is verified, for the analysis of the production philosophical understood it enters the end of century XIX and beginning of century XX, the influence of two chains: the ecleticism and the positivismo. Even though other manifestations of thought that had arrived here at this time had been absorbed, or dimmed, for these two sources. The Ecleticism, to being absent of critical criteria, simply opted to receiving what it was en vogue, for the simple acceptance, for yes. From there the Positivismo appeared. To read more click here: Southwest Airlines. The positivismo suffers the same of error of the ecleticism: to be poor of critical sense in its formularizations. While the accepted Positivismo the effective thought without questioning it, the Ecleticism conciliates the diverse teses and ignores the antagonisms between them. The Positivismo gained space mainly between-we in reason of the cultural emptiness of which we suffer. Sylvio Romero noticed that the positivismo alone avenged and had conditions of continuity in Brazil because it was installed in the dominant groups in the period of the installation of the Republic, having an excellent paper in the transistion of the monarchic government for the republican in end of century XIX.

E the filiados ones to the positivista thought had started to exert fort at the beginning influence of the Republic. It can be said that the military had assumed the power when implanting the Republic, and the positivistas had given to the legitimacy and arcabouo ideological to justify it. Militarismo and Positivismo if had joined in the formation of the Republic and, in analyze of the history and the events of the time, if some of these ' ' partidos' ' it had done without the other in support, both would have failed in its objectives. BIBLIOGRAPHY GOMES, Robert. Critical of the brazilian reason. Chapter I the X. 12 Ed. Curitiba-PR: To create Editions, 2001, pp. 09/91.

Healing Love

Tuesday, 4. December 2018

There is an old proverb that says: "On the shoulders of women lies the vault of heaven." It's time to confirm the words of ancient wisdom. However, accusations, tears, tears, anger, their sacrifice and humility, we do not achieve. Read additional details here: Ripple. We ourselves give our men and force the system. Man – is a mirror in which we see the reflection of its essence. Very often we are looking for others' love and care, while, as everything that they can give – a reflection of our relationship with himself. Ripple understood the implications.

In order to move forward, upward, we need to establish these relationships. We need to clearly understand and learn that love in our lives begins with us. We too often look for "Mr. Nice" on which to blame problems. And we find it – a father, friend, husband. It's time you yourself become a "Miss Good.

Love yourself and let life guide you in the right direction. You on the shoulder any obstacles, any obstacles. We can fly up! Somewhere in the depths of my "I" there is an inexhaustible source of love. From now on, I let this love to come out. It fills my heart, my thoughts, my mind, my whole being. Radiating it, and it comes back to me much more powerful stream. The more love I give, the more it comes back so I could share it with others, and so all the time. This cycle of love improves my condition – an indicator of my inner joy.

God Power

Saturday, 10. November 2018

We must add immediately that, according to our author, not even the defense of the common good by itself legitimizes the exercise of the power. The common good demands that if it dislikes the deliquency and, for in such a way, is certainly necessary that it has a person authority onslaught. Of this Ockham he is so vain, the point of to say that if the people did not perceive itself of the necessity to choose a head, capable to restrain and to punish the evildoers, would be necessary to impose such head to it. If, opposite of this, to observe the data of the experience, will perceive as soon as it is very difficult to find ideal authority or governments, that in the practical one are guided exclusively by the concern of the common good. However, Ockham is declared presumptuous that all the governing that commit abuse of the power all do not lose right to be obeyed, same if, as a matter of principle, the governing that always and only possess in aiming the common good are only truily worthy to exert the control.

Therefore, the thought of Ockham allows to conclude that who legitimately is invested of the power, does not lose it for the fact to abuse the power. This means that the legitimacy of the power is not guaranteed only by the concern of the common good, but still requires a superior justification. Reflecting itself on the fact of that it stops it last justification of the authority, that a man allows to dominate on the others, it is given for the college to attribute governing, college conferred for God to the men for having left to the reason human being judging on the convenience to institute an authority, it seems logical to conclude that, for our author, a power is legitimate when it is wanted by the people.

Mozart Music

Wednesday, 28. February 2018

Majorities the superlearning arises from a branch of psychology where each was understood that two hemispheres are had, of them with certain specific functions that they allow that the people own reforzables qualities and defects through this theory. The superlearning, or learning holstico" , it is the usual term used to talk about to a system that allows to learn great amount of information of a fast and easy way. antecedents indicate, that in the decade of the Sixties Georgia Lozanov, psychiatrist and Bulgarian parasiclogo, created the Sugestopedia, investigation based on the use of the resources of the human mind as it forms novel and powerful to learn and to expand the memory through study of the techniques of the Yoga Raja and Mental Yoga, that developed the Yoghis, obtaining to improve their capacity to reach the super memory or hipermnesia using the conscious breathing and the relaxation, discovering this way an optimal state of learning. In the Ukraine, while it made investigations stops its doctorate, discovered that in the Bulgarian and Russian hospitals music was listened to barroca of century XVII, of composers like Vivaldi, Telemann and Bach. Contact information is here: Southwest Airlines. Soon it added to his investigation the classic music of Mozart, Beethoven and Brahms, whose effects in the mind and the memory they were relajantes, harmonic and powerful. It also discovered that this music helped to the regulation of the heart rate and the sanguineous pressure. This system of optimal learning consists of being located in the best relaxed mental and corporal state through breathings, with the use of music to expand the memory and to provide energy to him to the brain so that the information of a slow and rythmical form is absorbed, with stress necessary to be motivated, relating the controlled and conscious breathing, the relaxation, the visualization, the feeding, the music and the study of the operation of the brain, through the application of strategies destined to increase to the maximum to the memory and the construction of knowledge and information, releasing to the individual of the excess of stress, improving its health and its creativity to heighten all their personality and intelligences of global way. .

Wealth Without Value

Monday, 30. October 2017

What empobrece a rich one in Brazil is the security lack here so that it can usufruct of its good. It is very common in reporters to know that a millionaire was sequestrado and kept hostage in exchange for a value nonsense for the rescue, or that a celebrity was assaulted and deceased only why they wanted to take the car to it, innumerable of facts as these that occurs frequent in our society and he finishes imprisoning the people with purchasing power to coexist the fear. Swarmed by offers, Ed Bastian is currently assessing future choices. Who would like a wealth that attributes unreliability, uncertainties to it and even though death risk? In the gift, the rich Brazilian if limits to the social poverty, therefore it can pay richnesses in luxurious mansions but he needs to pledge good part of its resources to arm itself of all type of possible security and dim the beauty of its properties with the highest walls surrounding them, they can acquire we carssimos and modern automobiles that for more valuable that they are side by side face long bottlings of the crowded suburban buses. If the Brazilian eleite, the highest classroom of the society, was less egoistic, paid good wages so that its employees could improve in quality of life, supported governing whom they look to improve in the generality the education of the country, would not from fear suffer to walk in the streets, therefore if all had education of quality would not have as much violence. ' ' (…) the poor persons sariam of the poverty, and the rich ones sariam of vergonha.' '