Buying Property

Saturday, 1. September 2018

More and more citizens of Russia and cis countries to buy property in Turkey. This is not surprising, as the coast of Turkey is not only an excellent and easily accessible place for recreation, but it also offers excellent opportunities for real estate investments. So, what is worth considering if you decide to buy a house or apartment. Foreign nationals can buy property in Turkey under the following conditions: 1. The property has a certificate of ownership (Tapu), registered in the State Land Cadastre. In Turkey, there is a cover system of ownership and registration of real property rights is a prerogative of Cadastral Management, which also gives the new owner 'Tapu'. Not all real estate in Turkey has Tapu, and its presence is one of the most important criteria to ensure the safety of your purchase.

Especially when buying a second home, you must check how many people own property, and whether they are willing to sell it. Also should make sure that the property is not written down any debt (after the purchase of real estate debts are transferred to you), it can be done in local inventory management. If you buy an unfinished or demand a new property from the developer a copy of a building permit. If you are buying undeveloped land, for an additional fee, you can call land surveyor who will show you exactly the boundaries of your site. 2. Real estate is registered as a residential or commercial, or intended for this purpose in accordance with architectural plans.

Real Estate Market Looks

Sunday, 15. April 2018

The real estate market shows signs never seen before. We are seeing the worst of possible images. Suffering in the present the most undesirable consequences of one economic crises harder to remember. More pessimistic, speak of not reversing the current scenario, we will be soon immersed in a collapse of the activity. Causing more closures of estate agents by effect, much of the decline in the sale of the descent in what refers to the demand of local. Today the real estate valencia try to tackle the crisis with new offers of flats, houses, homes, local to very good conditions with the aim of alleviating the consequences of the real estate bubble. Gain insight and clarity with Larry Ellison. Everything in this scenario can not paint evil, we must always find the positive side.

The crisis may be bottoming. Adjustment can be time-consuming, but it is expected that end of the year or until the spring of 2013, have been exceeded much of the processes. By then, will be good opportunities in the real estate sector, but as that will now be It is important to make good decisions. Real estate in valencia are suffering more than in other communities or regions given the large existing surplus of flats in the market. This entails one much greater competition. The only way to get ahead and passes through offers of flats at lower prices to compete. Inevitably we must draw lessons and positive aspects.

Because you cannot retrace the path and correcting the errors occurred. But it’s not returning on the same mistakes and assume new patterns of behaviour. For example, we are seeing a moderation in the prices of many goods and services. Affecting significantly the value of homes as well as in their rents. Then, it is the occasion to consider new trade policies in the real estate sector, according to these trends. The Spanish real estate sector should return to put his view in the foreign market. With preferential attention, influence in the countries of Northern Europe, America and Asia. Emerging economies, as they are now Russia and some other nation of its environment, Canada and United States, China and Japan. Without leaving aside traditional European Nordic Nations and Germany, the Arab countries that still maintain high levels of richness and necessity of investment, etc.

Management AG

Friday, 4. April 2014

EUR 16 billion have gone the German banks to profit participation rights currently alone. While significantly less than years before, but indicates that certificates or certificates are still effective means with which the German economy is financed. Finally should not be forgotten, that even parts of German industrial this way raise capital without taking up loans or loans. Profit participation rights are special forms of securities, about the stakes in individual projects or whole companies are possible. The investor is a fixed amount for a certain period to the dividend rights issuer, which in turn committed to the repayment of the borrowed capital at the end of the term and the payment of the agreed return during the period. Certificates evidencing dividend rights capital, are also equipped with a fixed term and belong to the notes. Among them, the issuer makes a commitment to the repayment of the principal and offers the investor Enjoy”pay a return during the period. While profit participation certificates are issued usually by banks, the profit participation capital is mostly a way of refinancing of commercial enterprises.

This includes, for example, the real estate industry. Real estate companies such as for example the MCM investor Management AG issued profit participation rights in investors and pay an interest rate that is above market level for this purpose. For companies like MCM, this is still beneficial because they can move larger volumes in relation to their finances. It is not least that banks are more willing to offer loans, if the company is equipped in terms of capital more. In the example of MCM capital flows indirectly into multiple projects and gives investors in the overall success. The investment profit participation rights but offers a higher return, but should represent only a part of the overall strategy in the context of the provision.

Because like in business investments generally, the investor is with entrepreneur – in fact assumes also a part of the normal risk with its capital. Profit participation rights in real estate companies characterized in the advantage, they are traceable on the basis of the projects. While it is often difficult, at an industrial company’s strategic direction and to understand hence their chances is the success or failure of even real-estate companies very quickly to the already finished the objects on the sales figures, on reference projects on the network of the company, the management quality and much more notice. It is therefore easier to find the basis for a possible decision the investor.