Buying Property

Saturday, 1. September 2018

More and more citizens of Russia and cis countries to buy property in Turkey. This is not surprising, as the coast of Turkey is not only an excellent and easily accessible place for recreation, but it also offers excellent opportunities for real estate investments. So, what is worth considering if you decide to buy a house or apartment. Foreign nationals can buy property in Turkey under the following conditions: 1. The property has a certificate of ownership (Tapu), registered in the State Land Cadastre. In Turkey, there is a cover system of ownership and registration of real property rights is a prerogative of Cadastral Management, which also gives the new owner 'Tapu'. Not all real estate in Turkey has Tapu, and its presence is one of the most important criteria to ensure the safety of your purchase.

Especially when buying a second home, you must check how many people own property, and whether they are willing to sell it. Also should make sure that the property is not written down any debt (after the purchase of real estate debts are transferred to you), it can be done in local inventory management. If you buy an unfinished or demand a new property from the developer a copy of a building permit. If you are buying undeveloped land, for an additional fee, you can call land surveyor who will show you exactly the boundaries of your site. 2. Real estate is registered as a residential or commercial, or intended for this purpose in accordance with architectural plans.

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