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Thursday, 1. March 2018

For dinner, eat a bread sandwich integral with lots of veggies (avocado, tomato, alfalfa, etc.) and one or two slices thin of fresh cheese, which although it is protein, is a relatively small amount (30 gr). Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Coupang by clicking through. We should start the day with a breakfast that Everithing with the process being carried out the body, that is trying to detoxify (eliminating) the remains of the intake of the previous day, so that food to eat in the breakfast and rest of the morning, should be very easy digestion, given that the Agency is doing extremely complicated otherwise (desintoxicandose) and not can invest these energies in another very complicated as well as digestion process. We want to have energy for our daily activities, so the breakfast and tea, must be fruit, that is what most easily digested. The Agency has an amazing way to self-regulate, I was weighing 95 kgs and following this regime started lowering, slow but safely, almost immediately I started to feel more lightweight and started to perform normal digestion, eliminating heartburn. The most surprising is that I’m still doing the same regime and came a moment that when I arrived at 80kgs, I stopped spontaneously lowered, I estabilice at that weight and I have not lowered one gram more.

It is as if my body had been detected which was my ideal weight and until there came. Another thing surprising it is that I lost without exercising, I even walked. Do not know how are your blood sugar levels. Breakfast of fruit, given their rapid digestion, tends to make blood sugar spikes. If your blood sugar is high, you should consult with a physician before doing this regimen.

In summary, breakfast: Assorted fruits. At mid-morning, an Apple, or any other fruit. Avoid dairy in the morning, you can take coffee guayoyo or black American type or you green. Average tomorrow also can be an infusion. Lunch: Meat, fish, or poultry with a big salad or cooked vegetables. Or a plate of rice with beans (black, red beans, garbanzo beans, peas or lentils). Snack: One cup of Chamomile or an American black coffee with a package of crackers, sweetened with esplenda. Dinner: A sandwich as described above, accompanied by a cup of Chamomile. If you plan to dine out, replace dinner for lunch. Eat the sandwich at lunch and the dish combined with dinner.

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