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Tuesday, 16. June 2015

What is the procedure of the services of the Insurance4Carhire additional insurance in case of damage? The Insurance4Carhire is a supplementary insurance which reduces the deductible of a fully comprehensive insurance (CDW). Also, this insurance covers damages, which are not included in the normal full insurance, such as: damage to tyres, mirrors, Windows and underbody, luggage and up to seven more pending rider. When a customer book these additional insurance through, he receives from Insurance4Carhire sent to a separate voucher. The excess of the customer from the depot on the ground will be charged in the event of damage. To get this amount back to the claim must be completed and the insurer together with the documents (accident report of the rental station, police report (if available), calculation of the damage etc.) transmitted.

Insurance4Carhire edited all received damage reports quickly and easily, so that one Refund can be made promptly. 4. Why is the amount of the excess not specified? The amount of the excess varies depending on the provider and vehicle category, therefore the amount can not be represented. Many of the rental car partners deliver the price and services directly on the offer pages, in this case, the amount of the excess in the offer is clear. For all other car rental companies, which do not transmit this information, can alternatively will check the terms and conditions of the respective suppliers.

5. The tank to be delivered empty, how much is the first tank? “Full tank control pick/empty give” the question how much the provider site for the first tank of fuel requires. Because depending on the provider, from country to country, after station and vehicle category the price can vary. This is however often very overpriced. recommends fully deals with regulating tank pick up/full surrender.

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